Weight Loss With Manual Exercises

Many people do not like to go to the gym or to use the exercise machines which are available at the gyms or can be kept at home as well. Mostly people believe in the manual exercises for the weight loss because it is believed the exercise done on the machines loose the extra muscles if not done properly. Many people also take it so long to learn the proper way to exercise on the machines. The manual exercises are preferred for the beginners who want to lose weight but some equipmentlike power tower exercise machine could also help in this purpose.

Push ups

The pushups is the top exercise which could strengthen your shoulders, helps your arms get slimmer and also help your armpits fats reduce. This exercise is also helpful for the back, abdomen and the core because it targets all the upper parts of the body and helps lose all the weight at once. It is an old, traditional exercise but quite useful in this advanced age as well.


You keep your body in a single position for some seconds to lose your weight in planks. Although you do not run, climb or jump in order to lose weight but the force you add to keep your body in that position, targets all the body fats at once. This exercise especially focuses on the core of the body and makes it stronger. Plan is the sole exercise which helps you lose weight more rapidly without doing a lot of hard work.

Mountain Climbers

This fast exercise targets the arms and the core of the body along with the whole body fats. This exercise keep your body toned and properly fit if done regularly in the form of sets.

Jumping Jacks

The jumping jacks though increase the heart beat rate but they are very beneficial for whole body fats loss. It causes the complete movement of all the body parts continuously which proves to be very effective.

Other mixed exercises done with weights and power tower at home are so effective for the complete weight loss. The right type of workout and complete knowledge can help you lose weight easily at home. You can also get the complete range of home workout equipment easily by visiting fitforgym.comfor your convenience.