Things to Consider When Purchasing Beard Oil

With beards being the trend of present gen, there are a lot of beard oil manufacturers prospering in the market and selling beard growth oil of different price ranges.

But, what are the things which you should look for when purchasing beard oil? Well, the more essential question here is what you should not look out for and ingredients you should literally avoid. You have some cheap imitation oils available in the market which use synthetic additives which literally do not thing for your beard or face skin.

The artificial oils use alcohol, silicone, artificial fragrance which may cause irritation, itchiness, dryness and do more harm rather than good. If you find these ingredients in the bottle, say a big no!

A good quality beard oil has top quality ingredients which doesn’t come at a low price. However, one bottle goes for a long time and helps in the maintenance of your beard in a much more effective way.

How to use beard growth oil?

When you are applying beard oil, the more important part is how you are going to apply it. You should make sure that your beard gets slightly covered in oil from the tip to the root. All you need is a few drops and it will do for the full beard. If you reside in a cold temperature or dry climate, then it also works as a moisturizing routine and is important for the care and maintenance of your beard.

Though beard growth oil has a non-greasy texture, but you should never use it more than needed. And actually it should be applied depending on your beard length and thickness.

For stubble: use just 1 to 2 drops

For beards 1 to 2 inches long use 2 to 4 drops

For beards 3 to 6 inches long use 4 to 6 drops

For beards 6 to 7 inches long use 7+ drops and make sure it penetrates well in the roots and all the strands are covered.

If you apply it after your morning shower, ensure that you towel dry your beard. However slight damp beard will also help in allowing the hair follicles to absorb more oil.

Begin by taking a few drops in your palm. Rub the oil evenly on your palm and coat your beard down from the root top the tip of every beard strand. Massage the skin below your beard and evenly spread the oil on your facial skin so that it reaches everywhere right from your cheeks to your chin. You should go in a downward direction.

If you have a long beard, then use beard comb to gently comb the beard and spread the oil so that it reaches even the places which you have missed with your hands. For best results, use it daily.

From where can you get the beard oil?

You will find beard oil almost in every health stores, but before making your purchase you should ensure that they are of high quality and affordable. You can also get them online from reputed sellers. At Beard Farmers, you get 100% pure, gentle and natural oil free from additives and toxins.