The Properties and Medical Benefits of the CBD

For many years it is known about the medicinal properties of marijuana, however not so many ago that it was known that the cannabinoid of greater possibilities known until now was not THC, the cannabionoid with more medicinal properties is CBD.

This article is inspired by different scientific studies that have been published to date; the legality of the CBD may vary from one country to another.

Medicinal properties cbd

The CBD is one of the many cannabinoids that are present in the Cannabis plant with an atomic composition very similar to that of THC, but the opposite of the latter, it does not have psychotropic effects, in other words, it does not produce effects of intoxication, of euphoria, of vertigo or characteristics related to THC, and usually to the varied use that is given to marijuana.

CBD works better if it is consumed with other cannabinoids

Extract of the marijuana plant rich in CBD and other cannabionoids, has a better efficacy than CBD used purely, thanks to the other cannabinoids , odoriferous terpenes and some other elements found in the plant that exercise in natural association to improve the management of the CBD and specifically its ratio, dose and effectiveness.

Therefore, it is transcendental to use, when possible, products that also have other synergistic atoms and not exclusively CBD in its isolated character. Normally products with CBD for consumption are in the form of capsules, oil or spray with CBD.

How to consume the CBD?

The dose of CBD is not well determined by science yet and varies depending on the condition to be treated, but generally begins with 1mg of CBD for each Kg of body weight and gradually increase until you find the effective dose. It can be taken in form of cbd pills.

CBD consumed orally in form of cbd capsules can cause adverse effects of THC by gastric acid in the stomach. This could manifest why certain infants who consume CBD for epilepsy face the side effects of THC, such as numbness.

Therefore, hemp oil pills consumption is specifically recommended via the tongue, to avoid passing through the digestive tract.

There are also marijuana diversities with certain levels of CBD and THC in equitable proportions. These genetics have psychoactive squeal less strong than the classic diversities abundant in the THC and they agree to take advantage of the properties and benefits of the CBD.