Determine Your Personal Macros

Know Your Macros

Are you tired of trying to figure out how to keep track of your macros? Trying to maintain or get healthy by eating the right foods and getting the appropriate amount of exercise? These are some of the key factors in managing your weight but if you really want to see those pounds drop off and you want to see those muscles get nice and toned, then keeping track of your macros is a large part of the weight game.

Tracking your Macros

Macros’ terminology is short for Macronutrients that are made up of protein, fats, and carbohydrates that are better known as carbs. This provides the energy source for the foods that we eat to help keep our bodies fueled. There is a diet trend that’s around called the Ketogenic diet and it has been all the buzz within the past couple of years, taking the weight loss industry by storm.

This diet is better known as the Keto diet and it is a very low carb high-fat diet which at first glance closely mimics the Atkins diet and the many other low carbs diets out there and it is designed to intake a very small amount of carbohydrates and replace them with a high amount of healthy fats and a moderate amount of protein.

By drastically reducing your carb intake this will put your body into a state of metabolic ketosis and this will force the body into burning fat instead of carbs. This is awesome and this diet works extremely well if done correctly and one of the ways to ensure that you are doing this diet correctly is to use a macro calculator.


A macro calculator calculates the amount of fat, protein, and carbs that you eat each day in order to help aid you in meeting your weight loss or weight management needs. Be sure to calculate your daily calories before you begin using a macro calculator. An important factor is when tracking your macros, don’t freak out if you can’t stay exactly on track, you just want to be sure to not eat way over your daily caloric intake. Taking in too few carbs one day or too many carbs the next is nothing to freak out over, just get back on track and stay as close to tracking your macros as best as possible and with the macro calculator, it will be your best guide in staying on track of tracking your caloric intake.


What is the Total Daily Energy Expenditure

If you use this tool to assist you with the proper monetization of your daily food intake and tracking your macros properly, try using a free macro calculator. A macro calculator calculates what’s called your TDEE which stands for the Total Daily Energy Expenditure. You will then take your TDEE and you will use that to set the total number of calories you will be consuming on whatever weight loss, weight management you are doing.

You definitely want to take your eating habits seriously. If you are serious about your weight, then nothing is going to work for you even if you exercise strenuously. If your eating habits are bad, tracking your weigh will not matter if it is not taken seriously and if you want to be serious, then use a macro calculator. If burning more fat is the goal then you would need to consume fewer calories and the best way to successfully track this is with using a free macro calculator.