The Easiest and Oldest Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great

For many of us, life is busy, and although we would love nothing more than for our homes to smell delicious and inviting at all times, there are occasions where we have so many other things going on that we neglect to consider our homes’ scent at all. The great news is that making your home smell amazing does not have to be difficult, there are many efficient and quick methods available to make your home smell fabulous, and today we are going to be listing some of these for you! All of the methods we will be listing today go back many years and have proven themselves to be effective.

Homemade Lemon Air Spray


Making homemade lemon air spray is much easier than many think – Simply dissolve a few heaped tablespoons of baking soda into two cups of hot water and squeeze in as much fresh lemon juice as you desire, bearing in mind the more you add the more lemon-y your spray will be. Simply spray this around your home once a day to keep it smelly luscious.


Poppers UK

Poppers present possibly one of the oldest ways to scent a room, as well as providing many other functions and the great news is that poppers UK, especially liquid Gold Poppers and RUSH Poppers are now available at incredibly low prices


Stovetop Potpurri


Stovetop potpourri offers one of the quickest ways to make any home smell amazing, and it can be made to suit all people and homes impeccably. All that you need to do is put a cup on water on a low heat in a saucepan on your stovetop and add in items that smell good to you. There are many different thing available to add, with some popular items including cinnamon sticks, apple cider and vanilla extract.

Baking Soda

You can make your house smell nicer simply by placing a bowl of baking soda in your house – This one is especially food when looking to erase musky and old smells and is a method used popularly when removing old smells from antique furniture. The longer you leave baking soda out, the more smells it will remove.