Six Tips to Design the Ideal Bedroom To Sleep Better!

Sleep is essential for a person to be physically and mentally healthy and to get the best quality sleep, the environment in your bedroom also matters. If you are using your room for all sorts of activities making it your library, office, etc it is time to redesign it and convert it into a sleep sanctuary. Apart from the bed design, there are many ways to make your bedroom better for sleep, listed below are some tips to make it perfect for quality sleep.

The color of the room: the colors in your bedroom should not only relax and calm you down it should also refresh you after a day of hard work. The walls of your room should have a soothing shade of blues or grays or a warmer palette. Avoid painting darker colors as that will not be ideal for good sleep. Also, consider the lighting and the direction of light in the room to decide the shade of the wall color.

Mattress and bedding: One of the essentials for a night of good sleep is a mattress. Sometimes online mattress shopping is the only effort that is needed to design your bedroom. Ensure that the mattress you buy is neither too hard nor too soft and offers the much-needed support and comfort for your body. Even if you are buying the best mattress brand in India ensure it suits your needs.

If you buy bed online conduct thorough research, compare the product and price and then make the purchase. Be it a memory foam mattress or any type of mattress look for a retailer like WakeFit that offers a quality product and return policies so that you can return it if not happy with the bed.

Declutter: One of the things most people do is that they make their bedroom their office, library and a living space which leads to clutter. That can lead to anxiety and stress and hence you should get rid of it. The bedroom that you sleep in should be a place which is neat and clean, to do that you should put away stuff in a closet or other storage options that will make the room appealing and a place to get good sleep.

Reduce noise and light: The bedroom you sleep in should be dark and free of any external noise. If you have windows that bring in a lot of light and disturbing your sleep invest in window curtains or drapes. Also, any light that can affect your sleep should be kept out of the room as it makes it hard to calm. If noise is the problem then use earplugs to block it or consider buying a sound machine which reduces white noise.

Room temperature: Sleep can get affected if the room is too hot or warm at night. One of the reasons that the body temperature increases at night is due to the use of the wrong foam mattress, a memory foam mattress that has temperature neutrality is one way to reduce the heat. The other option is to use a thermostat that can control the temperature in your bedroom or other options like fans, heavy blinds or heaters can be used.

Pleasant scents: Scents like lavender not only soothes and calm your mind but also induced sleep. It also decreases the heart rate and de-stresses by elevating your mood. You can use diffusers or candles to have an invigorating aroma in your bedroom. You can also indulge in a warm scented bath to get better sleep.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to make the bedroom the ideal place to sleep so that you can wake up every morning feeling refreshed and energetic after a relaxing and restorative sleep.