The Handy Guide to Memory Slipping Culprits

Have you ever been in the middle of a work meeting when you were explaining an important part of your report analysis to your boss when all of a sudden, during the most handy and timely of moments, your memory lapses and you forget what you were talking about? Perhaps this freaks you out, not based on the sheer embarrassment of forgetting an important detail during an important meeting, but also because the back of your mind is haunted with the potential of this lapse being a result of early Alzheimers or a brain tumor. We’re going to stop you right in your tracks and tell you that what you are experiencing is in fact very normal. Avoid catastrophizing the future and instead, consider that the cause may be due to an array of other reasons.

When you try to make a mental list in your mind of all the tasks you have to get done tomorrow, you’re better off just hitting the pen to paper and noting it down because some studies have shown that humans are only capable of maintaining three or four items in their working memory. One of these items may include remembering to schedule your Handy cleaning appointment tomorrow before you prep for your daughter’s birthday party. Another item for instance may be remembering to pick up the cake for the party, and ironing your daughter’s dress so that she can look spic and span for her third birthday. These thoughts may be swarming around your mind by the second, that’s why it’s best to simply etch down what you want to remember and relax a little bit.

Another example may be that you are getting older, and so is your brain. While what you’re experiencing may be frustrating since you weren’t as quick and alert as you used to be, this is no reason to get riled up. You need to accept that aging is a privilege, and move on with your life.

Handy professionals have mastered their cleaning chores for many disabled or ill clients, including those who have depression and cannot muster the energy to get up and get cleaning. They may forget that the Handy professional is returning to their place every Wednesday, not because they have early signs of dementia but because their memory is clogged by their depression.