Hydroponics has become a horticultural art form in itself in the last decade or so, and the popularity of this method of growing plants without soil is now a favoured method of growing and maintaining a range of plants. Using nutrient solutions that are administered in a water solvent plants can be grown with roots exposed to the mineral solution or supported by materials such as gravel or perlite. By creating a microenvironment for your plants you can cultivate ideal conditions for their growth without the unpredictable nature of outdoor weather and other factors that would be out of your control. A good hydroponics supplier can provide the full kit needed and advise on any queries you may have about hydroponics or grow kits.

Grow Tent Kits

Although hydroponics has been around since as early as the 17th century, those who want to give it a go can now use a specialized kit for hydroponic gardening. The kits usually provide all the necessary equipment you need to set up a perfect environment for your plants, and they also allow you to keep the growing area tidy and self-contained. Complete grow kits often offer more value for money than basic grow tents as they provide extra accessories and components that will aid the growth and maintenance of your plants. They also have the added convenience of having everything to hand instead of buying extra add-ons.

Grow Lights

All plants need light of course, and these special lights provide the proper horticultural medium with which to ensure your plants flourish. However, it is necessary ensure that lights are from a reputable source that have CE certifications and BS approved components to avoid any cheap versions that may be ineffective and perhaps even risky. A good grow tent kit will come fully equipped with correct lighting which is obviously one of the key factors your plants will need to thrive.

Carbon Filters

To eliminate any odours from hydroponic crops, a carbon filter is installed to remove any airborne smells and this is usually suspended above the plants, and the air is drawn through the filter and extracted outside.

Therefore, if you are thinking of growing indoor plants find a good hydroponics supplier to ensure you get a kit that will create a perfect growing environment and will enable your crops to thrive and multiply.