Fine Options for The Cannabis Intake

When you use CBD in Capsules, it may not be clear how you should use it. We would like to give you a clear manual in which you can read everything about CBD capsules user manual, CBD Oil user manual and manual CBD Pasta . CBD in Capsules are often taken by people who really do not like the taste of CBD and want the convenience of a capsule instead of drops.

The CBD CAPSULES should be taken with a glass of water so that it is absorbed further in the stomach. The contact time of CBD is therefore longer than if, for example, you take the drops under the tongue. However, the operation remains the same. You can start with 1 capsule in one day, and build it up to 2 or 3 capsules per day. Your body will indicate this yourself.

CBD Capsules Why capsules?

CBD products come in various shapes and sizes. Why do people choose Capsules and why for Oil or Pasta? In this blog I would like to explain the difference in these products and explain which product suits you best.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. Scientists are mapping the special characteristics of this plant. 2 of the special properties are THC and CBD. Cannabis has been used against various diseases for years. For example, chronic pain, inflammation, epilepsy and mental illness.

The CBD in Oil

CBD Oil is most commonly used because the drops are placed under the tongue so that the CBD is directly absorbed by mucous membranes and therefore directly absorbed into the body.

The CBD in Capsules

Some people really do not like the taste of CBD oil and therefore choose the Capsules. This is one of the reasons why one chooses capsules and the other chooses oil. The effect of CBD remains the same, however, the action time with capsules is somewhat longer than with the oil. This is because the oil is absorbed by the mucous membranes in the mouth and the capsules are broken down in the stomach.

It cannot be said in advance whether you can benefit more from the CBD ‘pure’ or ‘RAW’. The motto is: try it out.

CBD water-soluble

The big difference with the regular CBD oil (‘pure’ or ‘raw’) is that water-soluble CBD is completely absorbed by the body. Given that the water-soluble CBD mixes with water, tea and soft drinks, we like to use it.

CBD products

In the general public CBD oil is the best known product in which cannabidiol is processed, but there are other useful products with CBD. The most common CBD products are:

CBD oil:

In our assortment you will find an extensive range of CBD oils from various quality brands and with different concentrations of cannabidiol.

CBD capsules :

These are capsules to swallow that are filled with CBD oil.