Do I need contraception during my period?


Period sex is a grey area for most couples. Let’s demystify it with some solutions.

It might make you say, ‘Yuck!’ but you would be surprised by how many couples have sex during periods. Period sex can present certain problems and benefits, and there are some myths associated with it too, in terms of contraception.

What is period sex?

As the term suggests, sexual activity during the woman’s ongoing menstrual period, is known as ‘period sex’. 

Many women and men are not too fond of having sex during the period. It can get messy, and the prospect of having menstrual blood on each other and on the bedsheets is not a pleasing one. 

However, period sex does have its pros and cons. In terms of benefits, the passage of blood through the vagina offers a natural lubricant, so inserting the penis does not become difficult. Also, the orgasm produced as a result of sex can alleviate belly cramps, and improve blood circulation so that headaches and other body pain may be reduced.

But there is one delusion that most couples indulging in period sex work under: they believe that unprotected sex during this time will not result in a pregnancy. This is partly true, in the sense that – 

  • How soon in the period you have unprotected sex, is important. The first four days of the period are considered safe, though it is best to avoid the fourth day of the period for unprotected sex if the woman experiences ‘early ovulation’ within just a few days of the period ending. 
  • The sperm remain viable in the woman’s body for up to 5 days, so if you have sex a few days after the period has ended, then there are chances of pregnancy.
  • However, every fresh egg produced in the ovaries is viable for just 24 hours. It is best to undergo ovulation tests to determine the exact ovulation cycle vis-a-vis the period.

The easiest way to escape an unwanted pregnancy, is to practice safe sex with the best contraceptive. You can stock up on the best condoms in the market for safe sex, whether period sex or not. Meanwhile, the woman can go on the pill or take hormonal injections in lieu of birth control. 

What to do if you’re not sure about pregnancy

Your doctor can check you and make an estimate of whether a pregnancy may have occurred after unprotected sex, depending on which part of the ovulation cycle you had sex.

Why the best condoms are great for sex

Condoms that are designed to maximise pleasure without compromising on performance, are essential for a safe sexual experience. 

Leading brands in India offer the best contraception in terms of condoms that are unaffected by rough sex, period blood, duration of the sexual encounter, and even the size of the penis. A good condom reduces the chances of unwanted pregnancy at every stage of the menstrual and ovulation cycle. 

Also, condoms keep the man’s penis protected from period blood.