The best CBD gifts for your loved one

CBD is more than just a health supplement: it makes a brilliant, thoughtful gift for a loved one. While it is most commonly sold as oils, sprays or gummies, CBD can be infused in pretty much anything- including candles, food products, alcoholic drinks, and body creams.

Whether you know a family member or friend who you think could really benefit from using CBD, or you want to treat an avid CBD fan, but don’t know where to begin, the gift guide below offers plenty of inspiration.

CBD tea

CBD tea is designed for producing calming effects on the body and the mind, and usually combines a blend of CBD with other beneficial-to-the-body flavours, such as ginger, chamomile and turmeric comments CBD Resource.  It is thought that regularly drinking CBD tea can help with appetite, mood and sleep. If you know a tea-lover who thinks they’ve tried out every flavour combination, CBD tea would make a perfect unique gift for them.

CBD cooking hampers

CBD can be used in a variety of cooking products, including oils, honey, butters, and milk. Many food products now contain hemp, which is a type of cannabis plant and generally contains a lower concentration of CBD. You can purchase a specially prepared hamper from companies online, or make your own hemp hamper out of CBD cooking products purchased off the internet.

CBD candles

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Burning candles has proved to aid relaxation, feelings of calmness, and even brain productivity for years now, and it’s no surprise that CBD-infused candles are seen as one step up from the standard aromatherapy products. Using hemp’s natural oils, CBD candles can enhance wellbeing and mood, and can be used for massage or simply setting the mood.

CBD bath products

Lovers of all things bathing-related will enjoy the many CBD bath products available in health stores and online. From bright green hemp bath bombs to CBD bath salts, sugar scrubs, oils and moisturisers, there are plenty of gift ideas to explore. It is thought that bathing in CBD-infused water can cause transdermal absorption, where CBD is absorbed through the skin, providing anti-inflammatory benefits and alleviating joint and muscle pain.

CBD chocolate

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Chocolate is already a superlative gift in itself, for obvious reasons. CBD chocolate goes one step further in that it doesn’t only release the usual mood-boosting endorphins of cocoa- the pain killing, anti-inflammatory effects of CBD can promote calmness and relaxation. Cited as proving effective against menstrual pain, CBD chocolate makes a particularly good gift for anyone you secretly think could do will a timeout.

CBD oil drops

Your health-conscious loved ones will most likely prefer a standalone CBD product rather than a product that is infused with the compound. Hemp oil, a liquid supplement that is commonly swallowed, provides an effective means to getting your daily beneficial allowance of CBD. To jazz the gift up a bit, you could opt for a flavoured oil, or switch the oil for gummies or gel shots for a more diverse approach.