Why Should Athletes Use CBD Water for Better Performance?


The recent decade has seen steady growth in the demand for holistic treatment. Health and wellness experts are suggesting that plant-derived medicines are best for gaining long term relief. One such herbal ingredient which has gained a lot of popularity is CBD.

Cannabidiol or CBD is a type of cannabinoid and is extracted from the cannabis plant. Apart from its efficacy in treating mental health disorders, CBD can be utilized to treat pain, anxiety, and many unrelated inflammatory conditions.

How can one gain the benefits of CBD?      

CBD is available in many different forms. One can consume it as soft-gel capsules or as an oil infusion. Many also use CBD isolates, which is a highly refined form of the cannabidiol.

Research shows that not all CBD supplements are equally absorbed by the body. Water-soluble CBD might be a better alternative to traditional CBD oil when seeking serious health benefits instead of simple recreation. Hence, quantum CBD water is the latest trend in the market.

This CBD water is a solution of cannabidiol based in water. In this form, the cannabidiol particles are dissolved in water at a quantum level. The ingredients of CBD water are more bioavailable than other forms of this potent ingredient.

CBD for athletes   

Marathon runners, cyclists, and triathletes routinely push their minds and bodies to extreme limits. They are often subjected to high impact, injury, wear and tear and muscle damage. As a result, they often find themselves in highly drained and a mentally and physically exhausted state.

The rise in CBDs prominence has led to its application in a variety of fields. Its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to alleviate anxiety and mental fatigue makes it a potent treatment for athletes.

Weightlifters, runners, swimmers, bodybuilders, gymnasts, and other athletes are not new to supplements to enhance performance. Due to its efficacy in altering physiological processes, CBD can be effectively used by athletes to boost performance, speed up recovery, and reduce inflammation from injuries.

How can CBD help athletes become better in their fields?     


  • Endurance athletes can use CBD to reduce pain & soreness


Inflammation is a major concern for those who put their bodies through a lot of stress. Constant stress on the muscles and joints causes inflammation and soreness. Cannabidiol is a natural anti-inflammatory substance and also an antioxidant. Multiple studies have proven CBD to be a better alternative to over the counter painkillers like Ibuprofen.


  • CBD increases energy


In the athletic world, there is something called a ‘runner’s high’ that people experience after an intense sprint or short bout of very high-intensity exercise. It happens due to the release of a neurotransmitter called anandamide. It’s a chemical produced by the body naturally and imparts a feeling of bliss and well-being. CBD directly increases the levels of anandamides in the body.               

Additionally, CBD can activate the same adenosine receptors that caffeine affects and offers a boost of energy. Hence, athletes can use this on their training days to maximize the benefit of their practice.


  • CBD to treat head injuries       


New research has surfaced the benefits of CBD in treating concussions and head injuries. A study conducted over 3 years, studying patients of Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI, revealed interesting results.

Patients who used CBD previous to their TBI recovered better from the condition. In sports where hits and blows are common, CBD is an essential ingredient. Upon intake of CBD, the chemical protects one from suffering severe head concussion by disrupting the flow of chemicals which can lead to brain cell death. Therefore, it acts as a neuroprotectant.


  • Helps in appetite control


Controlling appetite is a major challenge for athletes. Many times, a sportsperson needs to be on a strict training diet. Curbing hunger cravings and preventing overeating is a major challenge for all. CBD water can aid to control appetite and increase satiety.

Thanks to the power of nanotechnology, CBD particles are broken down into nano-particles. These particles get evenly encapsulated by water molecule clusters, thus creating a homogenous infusion.

So, start using CBD water today and boost your performance.