Sports Physiotherapy to Reduce Recovery Time after Sports Injury

Whether it’s competing in team sports or running around the local park, we are lucky here in Australia to have a rich sporting culture. Any physical activity can lead to injury in recreational and elite sportspeople. But, returning to sports too soon increases your risk of re-injury or developing a chronic problem that will lead to a longer recovery. A physio in Perth helps you to get quick recovery after a sports injury.

Here we’ve listed some general factors to consider before returning to play after a sports injury.

  • Normal range of motion. Compare if you can to your uninjured side.
  • A decrease in acute pain to near zero
  • Decrease in swelling to near zero
  • Strength of the affected part at 80 – 100% of the opposing body part
  • 80 – 100% return of balance and coordination
  • The ability to run without a limp or able to throw with proper mechanics

Considering Perth physiotherapy shortens the recovery time as the physiotherapists use different types of fitness testing to determine your readiness to play.  Some of the progression exercises recommended by the leading sports physiotherapists are given below.

  • Walk with no limp.
  • Jog with no limp.
  • Sprint with no limp.
  • Quick cut “zig-zag” running with no limp.
  • Double leg hop.
  • Single leg hop.
  • Non-contact sport specific drills.
  • Contact sport specific drills.

Indulging in physiotherapy in Perth guides you through a specific rehabilitation program designed for your injury and sport. The physiotherapists give you exercises to improve flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance to help you recover and prevent recurrence of the injury.

Factors to Consider Before Returning to Sports after an Injury

Take the following factors into consideration before returning to sports.

  • Time taken for the healing of soft tissues
  • Depending on your age, the time taken for soft tissue healing may differ. Older athletes have slower soft tissue healing times and therefore take longer to be able to return to the sport after an injury.
  • The type of the sport you are has a significant influence the time to return to the sport. Depending on the type of age there needs to be enough recovery and rehab time for you to cope with the demands of the sport such as accelerating, contact and pivoting.
  • The better you are with your rehab, the quicker you are likely to return to sport.
  • You’ve to pass the flexibility, strength and sport-specific tests conducted by the physiotherapist to return to sports with minimal risk.

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Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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