Hair Loss Treatments: Do Laser Treatments Work?

The process of aging impacts every region of the body, including your scalp. When the scalp suffers, the hair and confidence suffer as well. There’s, however, a strategy to counteract aging and improve hair growth and quality.

Singapore aesthetic clinics provide a variety of hair loss treatments that may refill the hair and help it grow longer, stronger, and quicker.

Hair Loss Causes

What exactly causes hair loss? It is usually the result of any of the factors indicated below:


The most frequent hair loss cause is a genetic disorder called androgenic alopecia, often called female or male pattern baldness. It occurs as we age and typically occurs in predictable ways. Males may have bald areas or receding hairlines. Women may have thinning hair at the top of their heads.

Medical Illnesses Or Hormonal Fluctuations

Hormonal fluctuations, such as pregnancy, delivery, menopause, or thyroid issues, can cause temporary hair loss. Some medical diseases, like alopecia areata, produce patchy hair loss. Hair loss is caused by scalp illnesses like a hair-pulling disorder known as trichotillomania, and ringworm.

Medications And Nutritional Supplements

Medication for illnesses such as depression, cancer, high blood gout, heart difficulties, arthritis, or pressure could frequently cause hair loss.

Extreme Stress

Numerous people may notice overall hair thinning for a few months following mental or physical stress. This sort of hair loss is often just temporary.

Hairstyles And Treatments

If you continuously tie your hair up in fashions such as cornrows or pigtails, you may get traction alopecia, a type of hair loss. Hot-oil treatment of hair is extremely risky; if scarring develops, hair loss may be irreversible.

Hair Loss Treatments

There are several hair loss treatments and methods available in Singapore. The Fotona Laser is among the most successful and best treatments.

How Does The Fotona Laser Assist In Hair Regrowth?

The laser system of Fotona is a non-invasive laser that promotes hair stimulation and growth. The laser energy employed provides accurate, safe, and predictable stimulation of natural hair regrowth without needing invasive operations such as hair transplantation (FUT or FUE).

The natural growth of hair may be restored using the Fotona laser equipment and growth could be sustained with twice maintenance treatments every year. the body’s natural regeneration and healing process, the laser system employs a precise wavelength of light to enter deep into the scalp layer where the hair bulb lives to activate and encourage the development of hair follicles. As a result, your hair will be thicker, fuller, healthier, and longer.

Could I Get Fotona Laser Hair Regrowth And Stimulation?

The best method to answer this issue is to schedule a consultation with a skilled cosmetic doctor who uses a Fotona Laser and could analyze the hair and scalp for treatment. To design the optimal treatment plan for you, the evaluation should include a thorough examination of your stress levels, hormonal health, and medications.

Most women who have hair loss or thinning hair are suitable candidates for the procedure! If natural results are essential to you, you might be a good candidate for laser hair treatment from Fotona.

How Many Sessions Would Be Needed For Laser Hair Restoration?

Six sessions at six-week intervals are often suggested. It’s critical to capture the hair at various stages of development in order to activate the bulb. Each therapy has a cumulative impact and contributes to the process of stimulation.

What Could I Expect From My Hair Restoration Appointment?

The initial session would consist of a consultation with your doctor to assess your general health as well as your scalp’s health. PCOS, Thyroid problems, and other autoimmune illnesses could all have an impact on the health of your hair. Based on your unique needs, test work might be required during your consultation to examine hormone levels and nutritional deficits like iron deficiency.

Following the appointment, you’ll be provided some useful advice on lifestyle adjustments you may make to aid in your hair restoration journey. The first session with the Fotona Laser system would be scheduled for the next session. Based on your chosen plan, topical solutions could be administered after every session to assist accelerate hair growth.