Smile with Dental Implants and the World will Smile with you!

Every year millions of people suffer from tooth loss. This may be due to tooth decay, disease, genetics or effect of age. The missing tooth can seriously affect your self-esteem.  So it is vital to contact your dentist immediately for affordable dental implants cost in Melbourne following a tooth loss. These are permanent solutions, and they give back your smile for a lifetime.

Dental implants look like your normal teeth and are indistinguishable from the other natural ones in your mouth. With time these implants will be fused with the jawbone to which they are screwed and stimulate them.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are nothing but tooth replacements.  They provide a reliable alternative for the missing tooth which is customised to meet the natural instinct. They are made of Titanium and are placed into your jaw bone. They can also be topped with other restorations like bridges, dentures or crowns.

Why The Affordable Cost Of Dental Implants In Melbourne Is Preferred The Most?

Dental implants have a vast number of advantages over other forms of tooth replacement options.

  • They are sturdy and have full chewing power like the natural ones.
  • They do not require any anchorage. So there is no need for weakening or grinding down the adjacent teeth as needed for the dentures or dental bridges.
  • They support the other natural teeth helping in grinding food.
  • They fuse with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration and helps prevent bone loss that usually occurs when a tooth is lost.
  • By preserving the jawbone the stability of your mouth is maintained, and so is your shape and size of the jaw.
  • The cheap dental implants in Melbourne fill the place of your missing tooth hence they prevent bacterial accumulation in the left out space that could potentially lead to other serious infections or gum disease.
  • When some teeth are missing the other teeth gradually shifts positions to fill them. But the dental implants prevent these shifting thus preserving the alignment of your mouth.
  • As they are implanted into the jawbone, they do not slip.

Why Are Dental Implants Better Than Traditional Dental Bridges?

The dental bridges that have been in use for many decades for replacing missing teeth have many drawbacks. To place a bridge, the adjacent tooth must be ground down to cement the bridge on them. This will weaken them and lead to fractures or other complications. Traditional dentures have a time limit over which they have to be changed.

But the cheap dental implants in Melbourne conversely, do not require any grinding of the adjacent teeth as they need no support from them. They also provide your jawbone with some stimulation, helping them maintain the volume of jawbone around your teeth. This is something that you cannot expect from traditional bridges. With the highest success rate, dental implants are the proven safe alternative method to replace your missing tooth and give back your attractive smile.

Take back your life and show your smile to the world with dental implants.