Sleep disorder – when to use drugs and how

Sleep disorder can wreak havoc in anybody’s life. Sleep-wake cycle is one of the in-built rhythmic systems working inside our bodies. The disturbance in this cycle can lead to conditions like insomnia at night or uncontrolled sleepiness during the day. While travelling from one time zone to another, one can feel the disturbance. But, this kind of disturbance is manageable and does not require medical attention.

There are other conditions which lead to somewhat chronic kind of sleep disorders and disrupt the lives of the victims as well as those around them. Mostly, these disorders are the result of working schedule which requires shifting from day hours to the night ones frequently. Sometimes, hormonal disturbances and ageing related nervous system issues are also the cause of sleep disorders.

Important reasons for taking sleep disorder drugs

Lack of sleep can affect the overall productivity of a person badly. The person needs to be at the attentive best at work to maintain his or her relevance in the job. So, important reasons for prescribing sleep disorder drugs are:

  • Improving focus at work: The sleep maintenance drugs are of great use for the people in highly demanding occupations like that of doctor, engineer, actors, etc. A blip in their job can lead to catastrophe at various levels in someone’s life. So, to maintain better focus, people take sleep disorder drugs which actually boost wakefulness and concentration.
  • Solving other medical problems: Lack of sleep can cause various neurological problems. There can be instances of confusion, violent behavior, abnormal activity pattern or uncontrolled anger. All these behavioral issues can be solved if the sleep disorder drugs are taken exactly as prescribed.
  • Kicking away addiction: People switch to drugs, nicotine and other stimulants mostly to cope with high demanding jobs. The addictive properties of these stimulants cause health problems gradually. So, to fight the addiction, people are put on drugs.

So, how to ensure that sleep disorder drugs always work?

It is very important to ensure that the sleep disorder drugs work, always. But, what actually happens is that the continuous use of larger doses creates drug tolerance in the body. And so, the person does not feel any effect of the drug taken. So, taking break from medicine like Artvigil for sometime can be helpful in maintaining the tolerance level towards the drug.

Another way of keeping the tolerance level down is shifting to other variant of the drug Nuvigil. There are patients who are put on both forms of drug due to their state of health. So, when the situation is a bit under control, patient can consider stopping one of the medicines.

Stopping the medicine or shifting from one drug to another should be done only under doctor’s supervision. Taking such steps on the own can worsen the situation.

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