4 Wonderful Benefits Of A Good Body Oil


Having trouble with dry skin after a dip in the pool despite using your best lotion? Do you sometimes find yourself tired and out of sorts after a long day? Most people still don’t know that body oil do a lot to alleviate these and a number of other conditions. Here are four reasons why you should rethink your assumptions about what body oils are good for.

They’re Great Skin Conditioners

Many people associate body oils with being greasy and pore-clogging. Body oils actually do a better job than most lotions keeping your skin moisturized under a number of different conditions. Use them in the winter when it’s cold, after you shower, or to restore moisture after a long swim.

A quality body oil absorbs quickly into your skin, leaving you feeling soft and smooth all day. You save money in the long-term since it only takes a small amount to cover a large portion of our body. That means one small body of a good oil can last you for a long time. Prolonged daily use help brings rougher parts like knees and the heels of your feet back to life.

They Provide You With Certain Health Benefits

Many oils contain ingredients helping you find relief from certain conditions. Some oils take away soreness from aching muscles, while others help you get rid of headaches. Allergy and cold sufferers can find relief from a stuffy nose or from flare-ups of skin conditions like eczema.

They Can Help With Dry Hair

Sick of dealing with damaged hair with no shine or bounce? Put a little body oil in your hands and smooth it over your hair to give it some life and tame annoying flyaway strands. Better yet, put it on wet hair before blow-drying for protection against additional damage.

Look for products containing ingredients like coconut or jojoba oil which work well on both hair and skin. Your best bet is finding a body oil also containing Vitamin E. This vitamin contains free-radical fighting anti-aging properties and helps heal a dry scalp.

They Help You Relieve Stress

Many massage therapists consider body oils an essential part of what they do. Rubbing them into your body stimulates blood flow, improving your overall mood and helping you feel more relaxed. The invigorating scent from certain oils can get help you let go of any tension you’re holding onto.

The best oils use all-natural ingredients without added perfumes or preservatives. Add body oil to your nightly bath and let the heat provide some added oomph to the oil’s natural properties. Experiment with different varieties to find combinations that work for you.