Now Enhance your Vaping Experience with Juul Pods in India!



Vaping is a voguish activity, one that has a real a 21st century twist to it. However, the technology behind vaping is quite new. The consequences of vaping are not much harmful and this is why it seems better than what people in the 20th century did to their health- namely smoking tobacco cigarettes.  So if you are smoking cigarettes from a long time and want a new hobby, Juul pods are a pretty effortless way to get started.

But still, you are required to proceed with caution because many vape juice varieties contain nicotine which is very addictive and harmful. Vape pens are regulated the same as tobacco cigarettes, which means you have to be 8 or older to buy them.  The biggest vaping community, Juul, announced that it would stop selling most of its flavored pods in stores and would minimize its social media presence, after experiencing criticism for marketing to minors.

So assuming you are above 18 and okay with health risks, let’s get you started vaping!


  • Cloud


The biggest fun of vaping is blowing thick clouds of vapor. But for that, you need custom-built mods with big batteries that are good at cloud chasing. For instance, Juul pods dissipate cloud more quickly and provide you a discrete vaping experience. And this is very helpful if you vape casually without making it a big deal out of it.


  • Battery


The bulk of the hardware is a lithium-ion battery that’s much likely your phone battery. You charge the battery, and vaping exhausts it, depending on the battery’s voltage. Then there is a pod that contains the vape juice that helps create vapor, and it often contains nicotine. Moreover, the pods also contain a wick that transports the juice liquid to a heating element called a coil. When you take a drag on the vape, the drag makes the battery heat the coils, which further vaporizes the liquid on the wick, which you then soak into your lungs and enjoy. Juul pods come with 200 mAh battery and also it is the only battery that comes with an accelerometer that makes sure that the battery turns off when not in use. Apart from it, Juul is also the only vape pen that uses a proprietary charger; it comes like a cradle that plugs into a USB port. Juul use rose exponentially in 2018 among teenagers and the availability of different Juul flavors became the biggest factor behind the growing popularity of Juul pods. So what are you waiting for? Get you Juul pod now!


  • Flavor


When it comes to flavors, all brands of vape pens support a wide variety of flavors, each of which is appealing to different groups of people. It includes basic flavors like tobacco, and exotic ones like Jull’s cool cucumber. But Juul vape pens and Juul pods in India are consistently good. Each of the Juul pods come with easy pull and clean flavor whether the pod is full or empty, and issues like leaking is almost impossible. Juul pods are a bit expensive, but you won’t mind it if you are paying for quality and consistency. In 2017, Juul introduced the Mango flavor as a limited-edition flavor, but because of popular demand it was added to the regular Juul flavor list that includes Virginia, Mint, Tobacco, Crème Brulee and Fruit Medley.

Juul holds an upper hand over others in the same way Apple wins the competition for the smartphone. Juul is one of the most expensive vape pens you can buy, and a lot of people are muddled about how exactly the company does business.