Rhino Pro Filters

Rhino pro filters are the best carbon filters in the United Kingdom. They are made from Australian-mined RC412 carbon. The carbon helps to control unwanted organic odours. During construction, the carbon is tightly packed and sealed to produce a very efficient airflow cylinder. The filter has a longer lifespan than other filters in the market. It can maintain good performance for two years or more. The filter works well in both high and low humidity. It is made from aluminium which makes it lightweight and easy to handle. They are great for hydroponics because they leave your room free of any unwanted odours.

Benefits of Rhino Pro Filters

Large Pores

The filters have bigger pores than other carbon filters. The high porosity makes it possible for air to pass through the faster than filters with small pores. They trap odors faster and more efficiently than other carbon filters.


A Rhino filter has a vortex cone in the filter. On the shell, there is a 51% open area custom mesh which promotes a smooth flow of air and resistance. The filter facilitates maximum airflow which allows the carbon to capture smells efficiently. It captures odors in a few microseconds.

It is Granulated

The filter is granulated and not pelletized. Air goes through the granules. That increases the chances of the carbon absorbing odor molecules.


The filters are of excellent quality. They work well compared to other filters in the market and maintain the proper working condition longer than most of the other filters in the market. The filters are made with 100% RC412 Australian activated carbon. They have an anti-air bypass system, and each one of the filters comes with a dust sleeve.

We suggest that you use a filter which matches our fans in capability for the best results. Even though the filter works well in both high and low humidity, exposure to moisture and heat may reduce its performance. Keep your humidity levels at 60% or low and your temperatures at 30 degrees or lower. Always buy this and other hydroponics supplies from reputable sellers.