Keeping Your Skin Healthy with a Dermatologist


A dermatologist is a doctor that specializes in the health of skin and also diseases of the hair, nails and mucous membranes. Dermatology is a health practice that requires much medical knowledge. Dermatologists are trained to know many internal conditions that may cause skin symptoms. Studies show there are at least 3,000 skin diseases that dermatologists can diagnose. There are a wide range of reasons you could need to see a dermatologist. When it comes to your health you can never be too careful. Here are some ways in which seeing a dermatologist can be beneficial to your life.

Dermatologists are trained to treat many skin disorders. One of the most common skin diseases is acne. A dermatologist can help with the treatment and diagnose causes of your acne. If you have stubborn acne that just doesn’t respond to over the counter creams and washes, a dermatologist can help prescribe an effective medication for treatment. Dermatologists can also help with dermatitis and eczema. These are both inflammations of the skin that can cause swelling and dry, itchy patches. Temporary relief can be found in cortisone creams, but for some this is not enough. Dermatologists can help you with alternative options to help you cure the condition.

There are many skin infections that can develop and infect your hair, skin and nails. These infections can appear anywhere on your body and be caused by yeast, fungus, viruses and bacteria. An example of a fungal virus is athlete’s foot. This leaves your toes very itchy and dry. Toenail and fingernail infections are also fungal infections can cause permanent damage if left untreated. Viruses can causes warts on your skin, which can be removed by a dermatologist. Your dermatologist can help you determine the source of your skin infection and tell you how to treat it.

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the world. It is also the easiest to diagnose if treated early. If you have skin growths that change in size, color or texture, you should see a dermatologist right away. These warnings could be a sign of skin cancer. Routine checkups are also advisable. A dermatologist should examine your skin at least once a year for signs of skin cancer. There are many dermatologists in North Dallas TX  just waiting for your call.

Hair loss is another reason many people see a dermatologist each year. Dermatologists recommend treating hair loss early, so see a doctor immediately if you notice your hair shedding in large amounts. If your hair is becoming thinner or it is falling out in patches, a dermatologist can help evaluate the cause of this problem and begin a course of treatment. There are many factors that can cause hair loss. A dermatologist can perform blood tests and scalp biopsies to determine the cause of your hair loss and if it will respond to medical treatment.

If you are having any kind of skin, hair or nail problem, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist in North Dallas TX today. There are many ways a dermatologist can help and diagnose your condition. If you are suffering from a skin condition that causes pain, irritation or embarrassment, call a dermatologist. They specialize in highly effective dermatology procedures and treatments. Making an appointment with a dermatologist can potentially save you from a life threatening disease or condition. Please do not wait until the last moment if you are experiencing any problem. See a dermatologist right away to begin a treatment that is right for you!