Important Things That You Need To Know About Nail Fungus

A Fungus is one of the most primitive types of organisms. Nail Fungus is one disease that affects the enamel of the nails and eats away the nails gradually. It destroys the shine and lustre of the nails. It all starts with a subtle white or yellow spot on the surface of the nail. As the Fungus grows deeper, the nail starts to erode gradually. A detailed description of nail Fungus is here down below.

  • Causes of Having Nail Fungus

There can be a lot of Fungi who are behind the fungal attack on your nails. However, the most common Fungus behind this can be Dermatophyte. Even if Dermatophytes do the attacks mostly, sometimes Yeast and Molds can be the reason for all these too.

  • Which Age Group Gets Mostly Affected?

There is no particular age group when you can expect to have nail Fungus problems. The most affected age group is the middle-aged people though, the older adults specifically. As we grow old, our nails start to weaken, and it cracks at certain points, as it gets feeble and dry. This is when the Fungus attacks and grows on the nails. Nail Fungus is highly contagious as it can spread from one person to another in no time.



  • What Are The Symptoms?

The symptoms of nail Fungus are visible to the naked eye. It can grow either on your fingernail or mostly on the toenails. You will start to see your nail getting discolored or thickening abnormally. It will also go out of any particular shape, and a layer of foul-smelling debris will start to accumulate under the nails. Sometimes the deformed nails also become painful.

  • Top Precautions to Avoid Nail Fungus

There are no medicines, which can help you to avoid having this disease. However, you can avoid doing certain things to lower the chances.

  • Try to avoid walking barefoot in public areas, which are damp and wet like public toilets or showers etc.
  • Try to avoid walking barefoot on your Gym.
  • Do not neglect if a minor nail injury does not show signs of recovery within a month or so.
  • Do not wear shoes from someone unknown.
  • Only choose shoes that have breathing materials and not choking ones.
  • You should better throw away your old shoes or rather treat them with disinfectants powders.

Consulting a Doctor is always good after you detect having nail Fungus. Go to for trustworthy treatments.