Is CannaGrow Biosciences the one to Watch out for?

The recent upsurge in the legalization of cannabis has opened new doors of opportunity that organizations are vying to bank upon. While it is predicted that this cannabis revolution would spurt its growth to $20bn by 2022, CBD as a biproduct alone is targeted to touch the numbers around $22bn. One UK based nutraceutical that is definitely taking the cake is CannaGrow Biosciences (CGBs).

The organization that is noted for its distinguished brand ‘Reverse Nature’ is actively venturing into new realms of possibilities that cannabis legalization has created. This includes working on creation of three cannabis-based products that are currently in their trial and testing stage to qualify as nutraceuticals.

If the customer reviews on Reverse NatureTM website are anything to go by, it is a brand that is sure to give its competitors a run for their money. Keeping in line with this esteemed reputation, Reverse NatureTM CBD has effortlessly made its way into high end stored across the UK and the EU. Once the product makes its way into the US cannabis market, it’s just a matter of time that it will emerge as a leading manufacturer and distributor of CBD products, globally.

With CGBs having the potential to transform the nutraceutical and healthcare industry, the excitement surrounding the products it will develop, is proliferating. Amongst products such as topicals for Psoriasis and Eczema (Terperderm®) to Revernat® for PTSD and anxiety, people are most excited about Tinatate, a product that is targeted to fight the debilitating condition that is Tinnitus. CGBs has earnestly been researching various cannabinoids to help counter the long-term effects of Tinnitus including social conditions like depression, and even suicidal tendencies, on people suffering from it. Considering that it is a disease that affects 17% of the world’s population, this development will be revolutionary.

The extended trials of Tinatate are due to start in June 2019 and the results will be due in August. With pitch rate reduction dropping from a considerable rate of 7/8 to a remarkable 3/4, the early indications for Tinatate certainly look promising. These initial results have worked to establish the trust of Tinnitus sufferers in CBGs, especially the ones who have partially funded these trails.

With all these developments brimming under the surface, ready to blossom any day and transform the healthcare scene worldwide, CannaGrow Biosciences has unquestionably emerged as the one nutraceutical establishment to definitely keep an eye out for.