How Scratch and Dent Berkey Water Filters can save you money?

If you are familiar with the range of Berkey Water Filters, you will know that they are one of the most reliable water filters on the market. Not only do they remove all known chemicals, bacteria and silt, sediment and other particles from your drinking water but also foul tastes and odors.  All Berkey Water filters are portable.

The powerful Berkey Purification Elements (filters) include a special filter element that can also remove fluoride, viruses and heavy metals from any water. Since they are so powerful they are very useful for campers, fishermen, explorers, and people working in remote spots of the world, where clean tap water is not available.

Water from sources such as lakes, streams and even stagnant water can be purified and turned into drinking water. The filters have been approved by many organizations that are active in poor rural areas around the globe. These include The Peace Corps, UNICEF, and The Red Cross.

What is a Scratch and Dent Berkey?

Scratch and Dent Berkeys are those that have accidentally been damaged at some stage during the manufacture, transportation or storage period. These units might have slight scratches or dents on their exterior, but their integrity has not been compromised in any way.  Once you decide to purchase one of these units, you will also receive two brand new Black Berkey water filters with it.

How do Berky water systems work?

All Berkey systems, except for the Sport Berkey, have an upper chamber which rests on a lower chamber. The upper chamber, also known as the canister, houses the Black Berkey Purification Elements and this is where the unpurified water is poured. The bottom chamber is where the filtered purified water flows to and can then be served by using the spigot.


How do you save when you buy Scratch and Dent Berky water filters?

  1. Save money by:
  • Depending on the model you choose and the type of damage on it, you can save anything from $30 to over $100.
  • You will never have to buy bottled water again, saving yourself money and helping the environment.
  • Your new Scratch and Dent Berkey will need no special plumbing installation.
  • It does not need electricity allowing you to even take it with you when you are on holiday or enjoying a day in the countryside.
  • When it comes to electricity, you can save a ton by using Infinite Energy as your home electricity provider, which is a retail energy provider that offers both electricity and natural gas in 22 states.
  • One set of Black Berkey filters will purify 6,000 gallons of tap water.
  • Pure drinking water means fewer health issues.
  • All Berkey Water Filter modes come with a guarantee of between 90 days and a year, depending on the model. Any Scratch and Dent Berkey is not excluded from this guarantee. In the event that you do need to ever replace a spigot, washer or wing nut, they will be available.

Which models are available?

Scratch and Dent Berkey water filters models vary according to what each supplier has in stock at any given time. If you are willing to be patient for a specific model that best suits your needs then all you have to do is to keep checking the webpage of your favorite dealer, otherwise, choose from one of the models already available.

There are eight Berkey water systems to choose from depending on your needs. The two smaller ones, Sport Berkey and Go Berkey Kit, are compact and have a small volume output and are designed for personal use.

If you are looking for a larger system compare these:

Travel Berkey – capacity of 1.5 gallons

Big Berkey-capacity of 2.25 gallons

Berkey Light – capacity of 2.75 gallons

Royal Berkey – capacity of 3.25 gallons

Imperial Berkey-capacity of 4 gallons

Crown Berkey– capacity of 6 gallons

These six models all have a spigot. The Travel Berkey can hold 2 Black Berkey Water Filters, whereas the Big Berkey, Berkey Light, and Royal Berkey can hold up to 4, the Imperial Berkey up to 6 and the Crown Berkey up to 8. They can all hold PF2 elements that are optional and assist in fluoride and arsenic reduction.

Maintaining your Scratch and Dent Berkey Water Filters

This is very easy to do. Between Black Berkey Water Filter changes you just need to re-prime the Black Berkey Water Filters by scrubbing them with a stiff brush or abrasive sponge. Always use cool water, never warm or hot and don’t place the filters in the freezer.

You can confidently buy a Scratch and Dent Berkey knowing that it will give you the same quality drinking water that you deserve at a better price.