Know the Types & Treatment for Lower-Back-Pain

The lifestyle of the people has changed a lot in the last few years. People now mostly do such work, due to which their physical activity has reduced significantly. It has also had an adverse effect on their health. Because of this, people are constantly suffering from various diseases. In these diseases, pain especially lower backpain is also included which can be treated by the physical therapist. 

Type of back pain that you should know- 

Low-back pain is the most common type. In most cases, patients don’t even know the cause of having it. It is further divided into three other types –

  • Acute-back pain.
  • Second; sub-acute-back pain.
  • Third; chronic-low-back pain.

First; acute-back pain; the pain a patient feels for 6-weeks can come under the type of acute one. While the pain that increases the time duration from 6 to 12 weeks is known as the sub-acute. And, in chronic more than 12 weeks suffering happens which ideally goes up to 3 months. 

As per the physical therapist, the best way to treat it is to control & reduce the pain to get it to worsen. Every single ignorance can lead to big trouble. So, after knowing the type, treatment is started. Under this, exercises are done for back pain. For great relief, a physiotherapy machine is also used

So let’s take a look at the exercises for back-pain and the treatment of back pain in turn –

Treatment of back pain is mainly done in 2 ways. The ways obviously depend on the number of days you are having this issue. 

  • Active Physiotherapy
  • Passive Physiotherapy
  • Active Physiotherapy for low-back pain:

Inactive physiotherapy, physiotherapists treat the sufferer with the aid of various sorts of practices and stretching. Active exercise is considered very important and, it helps to get the pain go in the initial stage itself.

  • Passive Physiotherapy for low-back pain:

Varying physiotherapy machines for back pain are used in the processing to treat the sufferer in this type. Not only this, but hydrotherapy is also used in this treatment.

So, consult the best physical therapist for lower back pain