Herbalife Blogger Florida: 5 Fitness Tips When On Holiday

You’ve been working hard. How long has it taken you to get into shape? My clients at Palm Beach Coach are as dedicated as they come. However, they have a puzzled look on their face when it comes to taking their vacation. What about travelling abroad? Yikes. Holiday mode can addle the mind. In 10-seconds flat you turn into a coach potato and your sneakers have vanished. It’s happened to the best of us, hey? While others are adamant they will ”keep up the good work” a question I hear all too often is…  

”What should we do, Marlene?”

Marlene Rice, is an Independent Distributor for Herbalife in West Palm Beach and founder of Palm Beach Coach. She helps men and women of all body types achieve their weight loss and fitness goals with her incredible step-by-step plan.

Marlene says: ”It’s a difficult one, hey? A holiday may last just a couple of weeks but if clients don’t stay disciplined they may return with 16 pounds of extra baggage. I’m not talking suitcases! It is so easy to slip back into bad habits.”

It’s not just taking Herbalife by itself that is the winning combination for Palm Beach Coach! Check the herbalife reviews and how Marlene works with you to make sure you loose your weight and it stays lost!

Here are my 5 tips for keeping fit on holiday

Have a Plan

Without a schedule you are at the mercy of all manner of temptations when on holiday. If you’re staying at a hotel, the chances are it has a gym. Enjoy a swim in the pool. Rent a bike, take a hike or brisk walk or even a jog on the beach.  

Walk, Everywhere…

You know there is a lot to like about walking. It gives you a chance to see the sights, breath the fresh air and be sociable chatting to people you meet on your journey from A – B. You burn as many calories walking as jogging – it just takes longer. There’s no rush when you’re on holiday mode. Whether it’s a walk along the promenade or busy city centre it’s a good move.

Stuck in the hotel room

No gym at your hotel? That won’t stop you! You can go old style with press ups in the morning, sit ups and star jumps. With plenty of workouts on the internet there are plenty of options if lacking motivation. Personally, I would rather go outside.

Bike Share (Yes, please)

In recent years, one of the greatest initiatives are bike-share programs. Even in my state of West Palm Beach, CityPlace has a great bike-share system called Skybike. Bright blue bikes ready for action. For a small charge you can exercise and see the sites.


Don’t forget the reason for going on holiday is to rest, relax and enjoy yourself. It is a time where your body can be rejuvenated. Sleep to your heart’s content, take a relaxing soak in the bath. Don’t forget to meditate and consider your over all feeling of wellness.

Whatever, wherever eat healthy, exercise and you with find you have more energy to do all the things you love.