Hair matters, why not reverse the hair loss process with Profollica

The great hairs enhance your appearance and considered as a biggest accessory. Hair shredding is something that we don’t want to have in our life. Presence of them in the shower drain or even on your pillow can make you and others irritated. Don’t overthink about it as this is a quite normal and each one of us somehow suffers from it.

Every day we lose on an average of 80 strands. There are so many noted triggers which are responsible for hair fall. Let’s discuss a few of them to eradicate the cloud of confusion.

  • Hormonal imbalance

Multiple AF health issues are generally reported due to hormonal imbalance. Basically, they are responsible for whack consequences. Generally, when the hormone level is not balanced it affect the hair growth cycle. Androgens are something that distresses the hair cycle.

  • Stressful condition

The unwanted stress actually results in hair fall out. Do you want to know how? Well, stress results in a high level of androgen and thus, trigger the scalp problems. This causes negative impacts on your hair.

  • The iron deficiency

One another common cause of hair loss is iron deficiency. To clear your fact, iron is one of the important elements responsible for producing hair protein cell.

  • Deficiency of Vitamin B12

In certain condition, one suffers from Vitamin B12 deficiency. It only makes you feel tired, low in energy but also results in hair loss. Moreover, the low vitamin B12 level affects RBCs, which carry oxygen to different body tissues.

  • Hyper and hypothyroidism

It is the thyroid gland that is meant for regulating the metabolism of body. Thereof, it actually controls the production of tissues and proteins that carry the oxygen. Certain imbalance in thyroid level, in turn causes hair follicles.

Here what you can do to fix the problem

Ok, till now you have come across various reasons behind hair loss. The next we will discuss how to deal with it.

Profollica is a natural treatment for men who are facing hair loss available on Within few times, you yourself feel the difference. It not only reduces the hair loss, but also promotes healthy growing of new hairs. Not only this, it also stimulates the blood circulation.

The best thing about it is that Profollica enhance the elasticity and the texture of hairs while maintaining their health. Just protect your hair from any kind of damage.

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