Glo: Online Yoga Praised by Goop

Online Yoga for Busy People

These days, the rapid-fire pace of society demands that everyone take care of more problems—in an ever increasingly short amount of time. This high pace often leaves us stressed out, and it infringes upon our schedules. Many can’t find much time to go the grocery store, let alone attend a yoga class. This is where Glo comes in. Whether you live in a rural area that doesn’t have a yoga studio or your schedule prevents you from establishing a proper yoga practice in your life, Glo can help. This online yoga program is designed to fit the lives of busy people, but it doesn’t sacrifice excellence for comfort. Indeed, it has received extraordinary reviews in its relatively short time being released to the public.

Glo: Options for Everyone

One of the frustrating things about yoga class is that it can be difficult to find a studio that suits your comfort level. Maybe you feel as if your growth in class is stunted, or perhaps you’re starting to become a bit self-conscious because everyone else seems to be so far ahead of you. This is where Glo can truly transform your outlook. Not only can it help you nail specific poses—ever wanted to master the one-legged crow lift-off?—but it can also bring peace into your day. You may not have two hours to drive to the yoga studio and back, but you probably do have 30 minutes during your lunch break to turn off the lights in your office and do a quick meditation. Online yoga and meditation classes have never been so enjoyable—and so accessible.

You’ll Learn from the Best Teachers

At your local studio, you may be stuck with just a few teachers. However, on Glo, you can benefit from the knowledge of many instructors. You can even choose to follow the teachers whose classes you enjoy most, meaning that you’ll be notified when their new courses are uploaded to the site. Every day, in every way, Glo is making the business of yoga easier, as well as more entertaining and convenient than ever. It’s not a surprise that the visionary team behind YogaFit has been generating a lot of buzz in the online yoga community, either. People are pleased that they can find fun and challenging classes online—and then tackle them at their own convenience.

Online Yoga That Caters to You

As soon as the user starts setting up their profile, Glo immediately launches its algorithms in an effort to bring you the courses that you will enjoy most. Every class is labeled appropriately, so you won’t have to worry about starting something that’s too easy—or far too difficult—for you. The data team behind Glo is committed to providing superior service, building profiles and alerting members to the classes they will enjoy most. In these busy times, a moment saved can become a moment savored, as immediately clicking on the right meditation or yoga class can truly transform our days.

Available on All Kinds of Devices

The team at Glo understands that their clients may have specific needs throughout the day. For instance, it might behoove them to download the app and bring their classes to work, or they may feel more comfortable at home with their tablet. Whenever and however they want to access their classes, they are able to experience the joy of yoga—at their own pace.