Guide to Yoga Teacher Training in Goa


Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. It’s not mainly about the beaches or foods. Goa offers the life-changing yoga retreats beside Himalaya and Rishikesh. Learning yoga for your life and career is very possible in this place since Yoga Teacher Training in Goa is the best in the world. The great news is that everything in Goa is affordable especially the cheap accommodation as you may take a longer stay for 200 hours of training.

Things to know:

Popular location for Yoga TTC IN Goa

There are many locations for yoga TTC in Goa. However, the most popular ones include Arambol, Mandrem, Palolem, Agonda, Morjim etc. These locations are home to many 200 hours to 300 hours Yoga TTC programs with a wide range of styles including traditional Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Iyengar. Yoga tourists from around the world seem to be already familiar with these locations.

How to select best Yoga Teacher Training School?

1.Ensure That the Yoga TTC is certified by Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance is an authoritative institution that governs the standardization of Yoga Teacher Training programs. If you’re looking forward to making the Yoga teacher as your profession, then taking the “tuition” from such certified training is inevitable.

2.Dedicated Training Period

Yoga Teacher Training requires distraction at a very minimum. Since you’re already in Goa, choose one location from those previously mentioned, where you can’t find a distraction to your training. Choosing one place means narrowing your options.

3.Emphasizing in Anatomy Section

Reputable Yoga Teacher Training school should have strong anatomy lesson. It may require you to research on the “syllabus” or the instructor to find the truth. The anatomy lesson is definitely crucial to bring extra consciousness to your yoga teaching in the future.

4.School’s Track Records

Like purchasing general goods and services, you’d like to know the customer feedback first. Researching on the track records will help you to find the best from those which have extensive experience in delivering Yoga Teacher Training programs. Going online is the initial step you can take to get an overview of any Yoga Teacher Training School.

5.Proportional Syllabus

Focusing on yoga asana or yoga sutras may require a different proportion of 200 hours dedicated to sub-subjects including anatomy, posture labs, philosophy, and history. Different schools or different instructor may apply a different approach to this proportion, that’s why you need to ensure this matter at the beginning. If you’re going to take a specific instructor, join their public yoga class to know whether you’re able to follow their teaching or instructions


Finding the best Yoga Teacher Training in Goa could be a difficult task since your research will deal with various elements including styles, methods, syllabus, instructors, location, and so forth. However, some of best Yoga TTC shools are dviyayoga, Situated in Arambol. For an effective research on Yoga Teacher Training in Goa 2018, it’s highly recommended for you to visit to search the best yoga.