Best supplements to an aide Migraine

A migraine is one of the common diseases and every third person is suffering from it. The severe pain starts without giving you any clue and you feel like banging your head on the wall or do anything that can keep you at peace. Though there is no permanent medical solution to eliminate the migraine pain, and one can rely on medication for the temporary relief. Many people medicate and use natural remedies to get help and might as a surprise they help. Apart from these, there are certain supplements that can help one to slowly get rid of this problem. One can rely on different sources to obtain these supplements, but consuming them will surely help.


Magnesium is certainly the best supplement for a migraine and as per many medical institutes, it helps to reduce the migraine symptoms straight by 50 percent if consumed on a daily basis. Doctors have also claimed that magnesium also helps reducing the migraine attacks and the oral dosage can reduce the intensity and frequency of attacks.


People consume melatonin for having a peaceful sleep at nights. It is a natural hormone which is consumed to treat pain and migraines. People having chronic migraine often suffer from melatonin deficiency. It works well with the body and helps to treat migraines pain to a great extent and this supplement also has lesser side effects than compared to many others.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 is another great supplement to help with a migraine and its severe pain. Researchers say that it may create an impact on the energy metabolism of the cells, but when consumed by migraine patients, it can create wonders and make prevent migraines.

Vitamin D

This is relatively a new supplement in the market for treating or helping with migraine pains and the research is still going on how it helps with the pain. If taken as a supplement, Vitamin D can reduce the intensity of migraine attacks.


Butterbur is basically an herb that helps a few people from getting migraine attacks on a frequent basis. It has great properties that are more effective in treating migraines than many of the supplement.

Make sure to consult your doctor before you start consuming any of the mentioned supplements. You may develop a sort of allergy and that is why it is important for getting sure. Certain supplements may show some side-effects as well. So, be very sure with your doctor and then only start the supplements.