Gabriel Patterson, Winnipeg Fitness Advocate on Five Health Benefits of Cycling Regularly

The vast majority of people know how vital regular activity and exercise is if you want to stay fit and healthy. Cycling, in particular, has many exciting health benefits, such as:

  1.    Cardiovascular health

Studies have shown that cycling can cut your risk for a heart attack by up to 50 percent. Your heart requires to work harder to pump blood around your body while cycling, which is the cause for limiting risk for a heart attack. Cycling regularly also helps to lower your blood pressure. 

High blood pressure is a major cause of atherosclerosis, a condition in which blood vessels are serving the heart narrow and experience a build-up of plaque. Gabriel Patterson, Winnipeg Health Coach said “cycling a few times a week can prevent this condition and ensure optimal heart health.”

  1.    Weight loss

Cycling is among the top five fat burning activities you can do. When combined with a healthy diet, this exercise can help you reach your target weight in a hurry. Cycling at an intense rate can help you burn up to 1,000 calories per hour and give you a toned lower body. For even faster weight loss, incorporate interval training into your cycling session.

  1.    Diabetes management

Cycling can help in the management of type II diabetes as well as several other lifestyle diseases such as obesity and hypertension. Exercising in this way can help your body to draw stored sugar from your cells and into your blood where it converts into energy. Regular cycling can lower your insulin levels and even prevent the onset of diabetes for people who are at risk.

  1.    Fighting disease

People who cycle at least a few times a week have a much lower risk of developing diseases such as Parkinson’s, dementia, cancer, and arthritis. Also, cycling and other forms of cardio help to lower cholesterol and reduce other risk factors for many diseases.

  1.    Stress relief

Cycling and other forms of exercise help the body produce endorphins. These chemicals released into your body then promote feelings of happiness and general well-being. Cycling regularly is also a great way to tire yourself out, resulting in a better night’s sleep, which also has a hugely positive effect on your stress levels.

In Closing

There is no shortage of reasons to love cycling. This activity has endless health benefits, so grab your bike and hit the trail!


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Gabriel Patterson, Winnipeg Heath Coach is known for focusing his efforts on helping his clients rebound from sports-related injuries, build a solid foundation in fitness, and reaching new heights so that they can live the life they chose, a healthy one.