Understanding the differences between Mini Gastric Bypass and Traditional Gastric Bypass

Understanding the differences between Mini Gastric Bypass and Traditional Gastric Bypass

Mini gastric bypass has started to grow in popularity. This can be attributed to the procedure having many benefits over the traditional gastric bypass surgery. The mini gastric bypass benefits in reduced costs, faster operation time and lower risk of complications which makes it the more popular option. So, most patients are confused whether to go for the mini gastric bypass or the gastric bypass, this article is to clear that for you.

mini bypass vs gastric bypass

Here are the key differences between the mini gastric bypass and the gastric bypass are:

  • Procedure

The mini gastric bypass and the gastric bypass is somewhat similar with its procedure and therefore is done by creating two pouches for the stomach. The surgeries both have restrictive and malabsorptive properties making them reduce the consumption of food. This will help in the reduction of the number of calories that is absorbed by the body. Both the surgeries yield a great result and has a similar health benefit. This is professionally done at Gastric Bypass Surgery Lubbock.

  • Complications

The risk for complications is significantly lower for the mini gastric surgery compared to the traditional gastric surgery. The shorter time for the surgery to be completed, the minimized intestinal rerouting and it is much easier for the surgeon.

But the thing to be noted despite the risks for complications during surgery, the risk for complications after a while post-op exists. However, doctors at Gastric Bypass Surgery in Lubbockwill ensure that this does not happen. You will be recommended the right procedure.

  • Requirements for the surgery

Patients with certain conditions will not be eligible for the mini gastric surgery. Some of those conditions are the hiatus hernia and GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). But the traditional gastric bypass surgery is recommended for patients with these conditions.

  • Reversal and Revision

It is possible to reverse and revise both the kinds of surgeries but it much easier and cheaper to revise and reverse the mini gastric bypass. This might be required for patients who get unhappy results with their surgery.

  • Costs and Insurance

Mini gastric bypass surgery is mostly considered as an experimental procedure and is not mostly considered by insurance companies. But the procedure is short and much cheaper is it might be manageable for you. The traditional gastric bypass most likely will be covered by your insurance.

You can opt between the mini gastric bypass vs gastric bypass as per your requirement by going through the above-mentioned points.

Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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