Effective Ways To Use Tepe Interdental Brushes

People with or without interproximal plaque should make a daily routine to brush and clean between their teeth using the interdental brush. This way, you can manage to keep your mouth healthy and also prevent your gum from inflammation and other cavity issues. Normal toothbrush and floss can only be effective in 60% of the tooth surface. The interproximal plaque gradually starts building its layer between the teeth where brushes find difficult to reach. As a part of the daily routine of cleaning, start using the tepe interdental brush to prevent bad breath, gum inflammation,and cavities. These brushes are small in size and they are designed specially keeping in mind the way of how to clean the teeth from between.

The interdental brush is just an addition to the regular brushing of teeth and is an efficient and easiest way to keep teeth and gum both, fresh and healthy. In order to obtain the best result, it is very important to choose the right size of the tepe interdental brush set for teeth.

Choosing Right Size of Interdental Brush

You can seek professional help in choosing the right size of the interdental brush set for a good result. Often more than one brush is needed in order to clean properly between the teeth. It is advisable to use the interdental brush once a day and the most preferred time is to use it before going to bed. Use it in front of your mirror. Through each interdental space, the brush should be moved back and forth a few times gently. Dentists advised not to use the regular toothpaste as they contain abrasives.

For interdental brush, a gel containing fluoride and chlorhexidine has been designed specifically for use.

Step by Step Instruction to Use Interdental Brush

It is important and advisable to choose the right size of interdental brush set. If you are unable to then seek professional help. If you are planning to use it between the front teeth, then use the straight interdental brush between them and do not try to apply force on the brush to enter between the space. Smaller size should be chosen and more gently to be used. When it comes to using the smaller and larger size interdental brush at back teeth, you may curve the brush slightly from its soft neck and with little pressure with the finger, it can reach the back teeth easily.

It is advisable to change the brush when its filament is worn out.