Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: An Overview: How to treat it?


Dialectical behaviour therapy, also known as DBT, is a certain kind of cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy which was first started in the late 1980s. This is a therapy for borderline personality disorder. Other kinds of mental disorders are also treated through this method.

What is dialectical behaviour therapy treatment?

DBT treatment is a talk therapy which uses the approach of cognitive behavioural psychotherapy. With the help of DBT, the patient’s psychological aspects are emphasized. It is seen that a certain kind of people behaves or reacts differently to certain emotional situations, and these behaviours are mainly seen in family, friends, and romantic relationships. According to the theory of DBT, some people’s arousals increases much quickly than average people in those kinds of situations, their emotional stimulation is higher and take more time to return to their normal baseline.

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The people who have borderline personality disorder have extreme swings of emotion, and it is like they see the world in black-and-white shades, and are always running from one crisis to another. Their close ones don’t know how to cope with these sudden emotions which are very sudden and intense.

Components of dialectical behaviour therapy

  • Support: Through support, a person who has a borderline personality disorder will get stronger, and they can build on that strength to feel better about their life.
  • Cognitive: Things which makes life harder are identified such as thoughts, assumptions, and The therapy teaches them to think differently which makes life much easier for them. For example, they think they need to be perfect at everything, but the thoughts are changed, so they don’t need to be perfect in everything for someone to love them.
  • Collaboration: Staff and the client has to have constant attention. To work out problems with relationships in between DBT therapists and the patient and vice versa. Suppose DBT therapist will ask the patient the method of role-playing way of interacting with other people, or to sooth when they are upset, and such other skills, which are a crucial part of DBT.

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