Dealing with Dental Emergency – Be Prepared!

Dental emergencies are unavoidable. It may happen at any place and at any time. So everyone should be prepared and know how to deal with the dental emergency. The first thing is to address the situation immediately and stay focused on what you should do. To prevent problems from getting worse, you need to learn what to do when an emergency dental issue happens. Also, make sure that you have the contact details of your emergency dentist in Parramatta to make an emergency appointment.

Don’t Panic

During an emergency situation, you need to stay calm and clear-headed. Whether your teeth have been knocked out, damaged or you have any other dental issue, you need to focus on treating the immediate symptoms such as bleeding, pain, swelling, etc. You need to avoid activities that make your dental issue worst.

Here we have mentioned a few common dental emergencies that require the examination and treatment done by an experienced dentist in Parramatta.


Toothache may be caused due to various dental issues, and you may need an appointment with your dentist to know the root cause of the issue and treat the underlying cause. If you experience severe toothache, you can try using a cold compress or an ice pack to reduce your pain. In case, if you are suffering from a cracked tooth, you need to avoid hard and crunchy foods that make the damage worst.

Object Stuck In Your Teeth

If any food particles or any tiny object gets lodged between your teeth, you can use dental floss gently to remove them. In this situation, you need to avoid using coarser materials that may cause irritation or damage to your gums and teeth. Don’t try to remove them using any sharp objects like a knife.

Cracked Or Chipped Teeth

If your teeth get cracked or chipped, you need to consult your dentist. Even though the damage seems to be small, it should be examined by your dentist to avoid further damage. When you are affected by cracked or chipped teeth, you need to avoid eating sugary drinks and snacks, and hard and crunchy food that could make your condition worst. If the damaged tooth is sensitive to temperature, avoid the intake of hot or cold foods and drinks.

Tooth Gets Knocked Out

If you are dealing with a serious dental condition like your tooth getting knocked out or fall out, you need to reach your dentist immediately. If your tooth is intact, your dentist in Parramatta can reattach your tooth within an hour only if your tooth is in good condition.

Even if your situation is less urgent, you need to reach the Parramatta dental clinic for a dental examination and undergo the required treatment.