5 Tips to find the FDA approved vitamin manufacturers

FDA has a great responsibility in ensuring that consumers are protected against bad and unsafe commodities. The body is an authorized agency which is provided by the department of human services and health which is a significant section of the federal executive.

Its duty is to protect the public through supervision and regulation of products such as vaccines, tobacco, most types of foods (some foods like eggs, meat, and poultry are controlled by the agricultural-department of USA.), medications, veterinary products, animal feed and foods, cosmetics, infant formulas, and dietary supplements. It’s also in charge of controlling blood products and critical devices used by humans such as medical equipment and ERED (electromagnetic and radiation-emitting devices).

Since FDA controls a wide range of items, this article directs attention on how it approves vitamin supplements, and how you can easily identify vitamin manufacturers that are FDA-approved.

Tips to Find FDA-Approved Vitamin Manufacturers

First and foremost, FDA approves items differently and in a way which seems unusual. This is because it doesn’t need to control or supervise each and every type of commodity that is sold around the country.

The FDA, as a monitoring body plays a vital role in ensuring that those companies are going according to the standards set, which ensures that the products are safe, reliable and effective. When an organization wants to sell products like vitamins, supplements and food additives, they first need to be certified or approved. Also, when a company such as gummy vitamin manufacturers want to use a new constituent in their products, they need to do it through proper testing and the evidence submitted to the FDA showing that the ingredients are safe.

To make sure that you are taking safe vitamins, you need to buy your products from FDA-approved manufacturers. But how do you know that a particular manufacturer is registered or approved? The following are five tips to help you find the approved vitamin manufacturers.

  1. Use the FDA’s “Orange-Book.

This is one of the places to find legit information about approved dietary supplement manufacturers. The book contains information about all drug products, supplements, and medications which are FDA-approved. It’s also updated regularly each and every day.

When using this book on the website, you are only allowed to find products in four ways. One is searching by application number, active ingredient or proprietary name. For instance, you can write the word “vitamin” to find all the approved vitamins. The results will also include the name of the company that manufactured the products. Others are searching by company or applicant name, searching by Administration Route (the way the drug is administered, e.g. Oral), or searching by the form of dosage (e.g. gums, capsules, liquid, or tablets).

2.Contact FDA On Their Help and Support Center

The agency has provided contact information for those who may want to know more about approved drug supplements. Vitamin users can take this advantage and call the FDA officials at 1-888-463-6332 (888—INFO— FDA) or 301-827-4573 whenever they want to know whether the supplement is approved or not Moreover, users can email the organization using the address at druginfogfda.hhs.gov. Note that these contacts can also be used to report commodities that are unsafe, ineffective and false on the market. Ensure also to use the FAO section to get additional information about the approved drugs and companies

3.Find Approved Drugs and Supplement Manufacturers

This is also a great platform to find information about approved dietary supplement manufacturers. The site provides brand or manufacturer names with their products. These products include generic and OTC drugs and also a wide variety of biological products which are approved by F.D.A. Most of the drugs found in the site were available since the year 1938 after Congress passed the F.D. 8, C. Act (Federal-Food Drug Cosmetic Act). Other detailed information such as some types of dietary supplements, reviews, and labelings were accessible after the year 1998. To use the platform, go to https:///www.accessdata.fda.gov//scripts//cder//dafflindex.cfm on your computer and search your query using the application number, the active constituent or by name.

There is also an available mobile-app which can help you a great deal when searching for the approved products or brand names. The application is called Drugs@FDA Express and can be downloaded on Google’s Play-Store for all Android devices.

  1. Research from Other Websites On the Internet

Apart from the FDA, there are other sites on the internet which offers a lot of information based on research concerning products and manufacturers which are regulated by the FDA. Such sites include NIH.gov (National-Institute of Health) and USDA.gov. When finding information on these sites, consider the use of expressions like the product works-better-than medicinal drugs’, “the product is 100 % safe’, “the supplement has no-negative-effects”, “it’s FDA-approved and etcetera. This is one of the ways you can find registered or certified vitamin manufacturers.

  1. Consult with Your Dietitian or Pharmacist

Some health professionals such as Food Nutritionists, Dietitians, and Pharmacists are well informed about approved dietary supplement manufacturers. It’s, therefore, a great idea to ask one of your doctors to suggest companies that provide the most effective vitamin supplements in the country for you. This will save you a lot of time and energy which is usually lost when finding unreliable information on the internet.

Summing Up

To conclude, the only way to be safe when using vitamins is ensuring that the products you are using are regulated by government agencies such as FDA and other trusted monitoring & regulatory bodies. This will guarantee that your health is protected and free from health problems which are mainly caused by consuming unsafe and risky products, so always make sure that the manufacturer you are going for or are planning to work with is FDA certified, if they have other certifications as well, of course that’s a plus, and gives more credibility and trust.

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