Common Misconceptions About Tennis Elbow

A huge number of individuals who were diagnosed with tennis elbowfind the condition to be a verytroublesome as this can hinder a person from effectively completing their day to day activities. It should be noted that many find lateral epicondylitis or is commonly known as tennis elbow as a foreign term which many are not familiar of. As a result, there have been several misconceptions that are revolving around them. Let us help give you a much clear overview with regards to tennis elbow.

This Does not Necessarily Mean Tennis

It should be noted that one does not necessarily need to be tennis player for them to be diagnosed with tennis elbow. Other sports related activities that can cause tennis elbow include racquetball, squash, fencing and weight lifting. Even if you don’t engage in sports, there are a number of physical activities that can also increase the likelihood of developing them. This includes carpentry, painting, raking, knitting and even typing.

Tennis Elbow Develops Overnight

Tennis elbow does not usually develop overnight but builds up over time through repetitive motions. These actions can strain the muscles as well as put extra burden on the tendons which in turn causes microscopic tearing in the tissue.There are a number of symptoms that can help you determine if you are indeed suffering from the condition. This includes experiencing pain in the area around the elbow when lifting things, making a fist or griping an object, opening a door or shaking hands, raising your hand or straightening your fist. All of these pretty good indicators that you may be suffering from tennis elbow. During such cases, it is best that you get in touch with your doctors as soon as possible and have your elbow check to confirm your assumptions.

This Condition Goes Away On its Own

A number of individuals claim to have their tennis elbow healed without them ever doing anything. Although some of this is true, the time it takes for it to heal can last several weeks or months due to the fact the tendons heal slowly. Furthermore, there have also been cases where tennis elbow persists for more than a year making them very troublesome to deal with.

Doing nothing to treat the condition is not advised as the condition can become worse. There is a likelihood of the pain spreading down the arm all the way to the wrist if one is not careful in dealing with the situation.

You Can’t Get Tennis Elbow Again After Treatment

It is good to hear that treatment for tennis elbow has become more accessible than ever before. Websites such as provide their patients with timely information about the condition while at the same time, gives them a variety of options on how to treatment. Full recovery however, relies primarily on the patientand they need to work hand in hand with their doctors especially since there is a chance that tennis elbow can return if one is not careful.