All what you want to know about Sher Pei

It’s only once in a lifetime that you love wrinkles and this happens when you have a Shar Pei as a pet. This is one of the most recognizable breed available right now. Due to this signature feature, this dog is loved by most of the dog lovers. But, it is true that this breed is coming to extinction.

The name Shar-pei stands for sand coat and given due to its bristly nature of wrinkled skin. The medium sized dog is extremely loyal to his owner and loves to live in a group of people. Do you know that its loose skin or wrinkles come with a purpose? When a fight with another dog occurs, it becomes hard for them to grab Ty Dincer as the dog was anciently known as fighting dog.

The life of Shar-pie dog

Actually, the real job of this dog is to do –

  • Tracking
  • Hunting
  • Guarding
  • Fighting

The ‘wrinkly dog’ has a huge appearance as he is draped in several coats. The coats are really harsh and sometimes cause them the bristles and leads to gathering of dirt and dust on the body. At first, the appearance would be like swollen. The deep eyes are meant for protecting their vision. The presence of narrow ear canal, triangular shaped eyes is folded close to skull.

Interesting facts about the beautiful dog

The unique breed is enfolded with some of the interesting facts. Let’s have a look together.

  1. The actual breed is from China as they strikingly related to the wrinkled pooches.
  2. Ty Dincer known as fighting dogs is dwindling. They have recorded their name in the Guinness Book of Record.
  3. They are the owner of unique tongue. It actually has blue-black tongue that no one else has.
  4. The small ears are known for their defense property. Their intelligence level is much higher than others.
  5. A short nose is very much prone to overheating.
  6. The overbreeding of this dog results in occurrence of several diseases.
  7. Their coat color basically ranges from red, black, cream, sable to fawn.
  8. They really like their own voice and could be big barkers.
  9. Another interesting fact is that, they can easily gain the weight. Thereof, it is important to keep a watch on them.
  10. Shar-pei is really stubborn and training them is really a big task.

You must have this special lovable dog as your pet!