SDFC Singapore Helps You Keep Your Legs

A few months ago, I almost lost one of my legs to diabetes.

Our family has a history of diabetes, and as the eldest son in our family, I had a feeling I was the most prone to this troubling and deadly illness. True enough, my feeling was correct.

I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes a year ago, just a few months after I migrated here to Singapore. I was able to keep a healthy lifestyle and did lots of exercises after being diagnosed, but it wasn’t enough to prevent me from almost getting one of my legs amputated.

While I was going for my morning jog along Singapore’s Marina Bay, I started having an uncomfortable feeling on the sole of my feet, and that’s when I saw the most frightening thing: anopen diabetic foot wound. I’ve seen it once when my dad had it, and I knew the complications that came along with it.

That’s when my friends here in Singapore quickly recommended that I go to the Singapore diabetic foot centre (SDFC) to have early diabetic wound care treatment. SDFC is a clinic that devoted to the early diagnosis, treatment, and management of the effects of diabetes on the foot and lower extremities. They help prevent complications that may lead to amputation due to diabetes.

SDFC offer services that help diagnose and manage diabetic foot wounds. Some of these services include: Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Assessment, wound dressing, and musculoskeletal Foot Assessment.

Wound dressing was the first and immediate treatment that I received from SDFC since I already had an open diabetic foot wound. The first thing they did was assess the foot wound to see if it’s healing properly. After their assessment of the wound, the wound care procedure started and they began dressing the wound up with various kinds of wound dressings. The attending podiatrist was guiding me through the process as his team was dressing up the wound, that’s why I felt comfortable and secure throughout the treatment.

After the treatment, I stayed in constant communication with my podiatrist so he can monitor the open wound on my feet. He also suggested, for extra wound care and faster healing, that I have the foot wound cast to relieve pressure from the wound while I do my daily activities.

Knowing how troublesome an open diabetic foot wound is, I immediately took my podiatrist’s advice and had the wound cast. It was very relieving to know that my doctor is willing to go out of his way to help me treat and manage this wound.

The wound on my feet has long since healed since I was given proper wound care treatment early before any complication could arise, but my visits to SDFC became more frequent since I want to properly manage and protect my feet from getting foot ulcers and other diabetic foot wounds.

For me, SDFC became my lifesaver. It is the best diabetic foot centre here in Singapore and you can expect the best from them.