Adjustable Beds And Their Health Benefits

Both single and Double Adjustable beds are beneficial for a multitude of reasons, each of which can dramatically improve the quality of your sleeping hours, your waking hours, and also your life. Adjustable beds are used for the purpose of being able to raise yourself in bed if mobility is difficult, giving you a much-needed different perspective when it comes to daily life. Before adjustable beds, those with mobility problems had little choice but to lie in bed all day, which is terrible for the health of both body and mind.

All-in-all, when looking after someone who needs looking after, care providers should address dignity and quality of life above all else. Adjustable beds, as well as other measures of support, are intended to allow for a better quality of life. Adjustable beds are designed to be used with special mattresses which are specially created in order to move with the bed, and not bunch up or become damaged with use. The utilisation of these allows for increased patient comfort.

Adjustable beds are not only for those with mobility issues. There are a large variety of people which are not typically dependent, which use them in order to address all manner of conditions, from sleep apnoea to arthritis, changing the position of which you tend to sleep can result in a massive improvement to sleep and sleep patterns. One of the primary benefits is that adjustable beds can allow for ergonomic positioning, improving the curvature of the spine during sleep. This helps improve posture, acid reflux, arthritis, circulation and much more alone.

Adjustable beds are even used by people without pre-existing medical conditions in order to improve sleep quality. When lying flat on traditional, normal mattresses you will find that your body cannot maintain a proper posture. This is because tension on the muscles and joints is increased, which in turn reduces the rest and recuperation that your muscles experience during a full night’s sleep.

An adjustable bed can allow you to provide the proper support to different areas of the body, including your neck, head, lower back, legs, knees, feet and ankles. Even if you are able to maintain a proper posture, it can be improved by the addition of memory foam pillows among other measures of increasing the comfort of your nights sleep. If you have neck and knee pain you should buy adjustable pillows from market, there are specific pillows available for knee pain, you can read knee pillow review here.

Adjustable beds have an advantage over traditional, flat mattresses as they provide healthy posture, pressure relief, proper circulation and customized support. Aside from this, adjustable beds have additional advantages such as electric adjustments of bed angles and even height with Hi-Low systems.

This proves beneficial to caregivers as well because it allows for easier transfers and total access for patient lifts. Some of the health problems that many people use adjustable beds and the way in which they relieve the problem are:

  • Lower back pain relieved by a healthier posture
  • Neck/ shoulder tension relieved by customized bed support
  • Aches and pains relieved by proper circulation
  • Arthritis pains relieved by customized support
  • Asthma and breathing problems relieved by better support and posture
  • Acid Reflux relieved by better posture (Semi upright)
  • Swollen legs or feet relieved by better posture and circulation
  • Heart problems relieved by proper circulation

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