A Guide to Program Design by a Personal Trainer

The first thing you need to do is set up a logical, limited and exact goal. Suppose, you think that your goal is to be healthy, but healthy isn’t a goal, it is a desire. If you talk about the goal, it means you are trying to be perfectly meaningful about; you can control it. If loosing weight is your goal, you should get bigger arms, calves and traps. So, you need to design a program which gives each of these things attention. But to accommodate all of them in one program isn’t possible. You should narrow your goals down and program design it.

Following are the things you need to do:

  • Aim at what to do: Remember aiming, and desire is two different things. So, make logical decisions on what can do and what you cannot. You just need to set small goals; they are easy to achieve and going to be realistic.
  • Control your frequency, intensity and volume: This is a good tactic, two of them you use for pushing you harder and one you tactic to rest yourself, let your body to recover and again start.
  • Decide whether the mass of strength: In one time you prioritize on one objective. If you are starting with mass, give more push to increase the mass of areas of your body you want, after it is achieved, prioritize strength or vice versa.
  • Conditioning is a must: The work capacity of your body depends on conditioning. You should aim at more workout at a lesser time to make better progress on mass and strength.
  • Design your workouts as per your goal: Don’t do workouts haphazardly, that won’t let you achieve anything. Design your exercise as per the need of your goal, for every workout you need to have a reason for doing it.

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