8 Common Dental Problems and How to Prevent Them

Dreading a visit to a dentist has always been present among the common folk. Any health issue is unpleasant, but dental problems give us that truly horrible feeling of helplessness usually caused by the mind-numbing pain. The pain, regardless of the intensity, is difficult to handle as it’s in our head and that causes great distress. In that respect, it is in our best interest to prevent all possible complications and inconveniences. We’re here to help out by giving you a few pointers on the subject and keep you as far away as possible from the unpleasant interventions.


Cavities basically are holes in our teeth. They can happen to anyone, even infants. Some people have better oral genetics than others, but the most common cause of cavity emergence is nutrition and poor oral hygiene. Adults who smoke and drink frequently are more prone to cavities, as well as the ones that consume too much sugar. Sugar is the most common cause for kids’ cavities. So, next time you decide to consume some of these dangerous foods or drinks, think about teeth decay and if you can’t resist it, at least try to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth soon after consumption.

Gum disease

Unfortunately, gum disease is usually inherited through genetics. However, there are ways to slow it down and minimize its effects. Gum diseases have a way to show their ugly face quite early. If your gums tend to bleed after brushing your teeth, it’s probably a sign of an early stage of gingivitis. As soon as you notice it, change your toothbrush to a soft medical one with lots of fibres, as well as your toothpaste. You need to lose all ideas of a fancy teeth-whitening paste and switch to a salty-tasting medical anti-periodontal one and you’ll feel relief almost instantly.

Bad breath

Many people think bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene. However, it often isn’t the case. Many people who are aware of their unpleasant breath try their best to use the most intensive toothpaste, take mints regularly and use mouth refresher spray, but sadly, it’s usually all in vain. Bad breath is most often caused by poor dietary habits. In this case, it’s best you consult a nutritionist or your dentist, as well as books and websites and find some information about the ways to battle this issue.

Dry mouth

This is basically a problem with saliva glands. Most common factors that cause these problems are smoking, medications, aging and stress. Unfortunately, there’s no better cure than trying to stay more hydrated. Once you increase daily water intake, you’ll be able to see improvements.

Tooth crowding

Teeth have their own behaviour. They can shift without any particular reason or teeth crowding can occur during the falling of baby teeth, once new and possibly bigger ones grow, sometimes even in unusual directions. This is the situation when you need some help from the experts. Instead of wearing braces to fix the issue, many people are opting for another solution. This is why people in Sydney are rushing to have invisalign treatments in Bondi Junction. It’s much less complicated and painful, and people are definitely more prone to that than braces.

Root infection

These painful and uncomfortable things happen once the centre of your tooth gets hit by bacteria. It causes pain that can easily be written off as common reasonless pain. However, if not treated in time, it can cause complications and more pain. The way to cure it usually involves a root canal procedure and a way to prevent it is by maintaining a good oral hygiene.

Tooth loss

Unfortunately, tooth loss happens and sometimes not due to our own negligence. Sometimes it happens as a consequence of aging and sometimes as the last stage of a periodontal gum disease. Luckily, you can choose between dentures or dental implants and nowadays the technology has been perfected up to a level of these looking and feeling absolutely natural.

Oral cancer

Sadly, the worst dental issue you can encounter definitely is oral cancer. It is considered to be the most widespread head and neck cancer. There are usually no symptoms and consequently, death rates are high. The only thing you can do is have regular check-ups and hope for the best, as well as take care of your nutrition and hygiene.

All in all, the number of potential dental issues is high, but many of them can be treated easily or even prevented entirely. This is why it’s important to take good care of your gums and teeth and never procrastinate when it comes to any pain or other symptoms showing that something may be wrong.