7 Ways Quitting Drinking Made Me a Better Mother

As a mother, I have learned that certain things should and should not be done, whether my kids are around at the time or not. For the purpose of this article, I learned that drinking is something that weakened my connection with my children and this was ultimately the reason why I stopped.

Today, I will be discussing the seven reasons why stopping my drinking habits led me to being a better mother:

1. I Became More Available

When I first stopped drinking, I noticed that it took me a while to adjust, but I eventually became more available for my children. Instead of going to sleep right after drinking, I was able to talk to my children without feeling like they were interrupting.

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  1. My Kids Felt Happy

Once my kids had caught onto the fact that I stopped drinking, they seemed proud and happier than ever. Their moods improved and they became more relaxed around me than they would have been if I were still drinking.

  1. I Could Celebrate Holidays With My Kids

I know that the ideal holiday for a mom – or any adult for that matter – would be with a drink or with a glass of wine near like-minded adults. But not drinking allowed me to truly celebrate holidays like New Year’s Eve and Christmas with my children and not other adults.

  1. I Set A Better Example

Everyone knows that when they have children, they like to follow your example. Instead of being a cautionary tale and telling them “Do as I say, not as I do” I decided to take action and do as I say as well. If I don’t want my children to drink, the first place to start setting that example is my own habits. When I stopped drinking, it was almost as if my children forgot that I used to and they are less tempted to take the same route.

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  1. I Am Less Stressed

When I used to drink, waking up in the morning would be the most stressful and taxing job I had. It takes a toll on your body when you drink alcohol and sometimes you are more likely to take it out on those around you – including your kids. When I stopped drinking, I got a good night’s rest and can now wake up to a happy family without feeling crabby.

  1. I Perform Better At Work

Waking up stressed didn’t set me up for success in my career either. But now that I feel fully rested in the mornings, I perform better at work and am able to provide for my kids. This process no longer makes me feel as if I’m on autopilot and have lost control of my life. Sobering up has truly motivated me to maintain this lifestyle because of how it positively impacts my family.

  1. I Started Taking Care of Myself More

By not using wine as my go-to coping method, I opened my eyes to a world of possibilities when I need downtime. I started going to yoga classes while my kids were at school, taking long walks in nature, and reading books. And suddenly, it doesn’t seem too difficult to take care of my 12-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter.

Many mothers are tempted to buckle under the stress of having a seemingly packed schedule devoted to their children, but it is important to prioritize your downtime when possible. You can go out and play sports, treat yourself to a massage or even new clothes. The sooner you find an alternative to drinking wine, the sooner you and your family will begin to recover and run smoothly.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking professional treatment if necessary. To learn more, please visit https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/alcohol-abuse/.