6 Wonderful Benefits of Using Lavender Oil for Skin

Before knowing the benefits of lavender oil let us have a look as how the lavender oil is extracted. After harvesting lavender flowers, they are tied in bunches and left to dry for several weeks. When these flowers are dried, they are steam distilled. Steam distillation is a process that will help you get the proper extract of the herb or the plant without the use of chemicals like hexane or acetone. These chemicals are used in solvent extraction methods.

Benefits of essential oils for skin

Lavender oil is gaining popularity for its extra ordinary properties for skin.

Fights acne

Do you know that it can fight acne and this is not a joke?Yes, you have heard it right. When your skin does not have sufficient oil, acne aggravates its symptoms. Dry skin starts producing skin’s oil in large quantity to compensate the dryness. This makes clogged pores and acne formation on the skin. Lavender will not only moisturize your skin, but it also has antibacterial properties to eliminate bacteria. best essential oils and lavender oil is perfect for healing acne.

Good for Eczema and dry skin condition

If you are noticing dry patches on your skin and do not have any hope because you have tried several things, then this is the right time to use lavender oil. Adding lavender oil in your daily routine will give you much awaited relief. As we have discussed above that lavender oil will help your skin to make a balance of moisture. It will not let it go too oily or dry.

Anti-inflammatory properties

There are several benefits of using Lavender oil. It will decrease the redness of skin and acne. Lavender oil’s anti-inflammatory properties are well known and they are good for healing skin from bacteria, insect bites or sun.

It will detoxify your skin

You can use lavender oil in your bathtub to get multiple benefits for skin. It will detoxify your skin, nourish your skin, you can make a blend it with rose water. Gather more information about the usage of best essential oils.

Prevent wrinkles

If we do not discuss the biggest benefit of lavender oil and that is it will prevent wrinkles, then this article will remain incomplete. It has wonderful ability to fight ageing. Lavender oil is full of antioxidants and phytochemicals, both are beneficial in fighting the radical damage. This damage may be because of environmental pollution or the sun. Regular use of lavender oil will safeguard you from getting wrinkles or fine lines. It will also minimize dark spots on your skin.

Heals injured skin

Ancient Greeks were using essential oils for skin and lavender oil to clean their wounds and treat burns. This has antiseptic properties that prevents infection and help your skin heal faster. There are several products available in the market that has a base of coconut oil or rose oil. Lavender oil soaps are also beneficial in treating small cuts. These soaps have fatty acids and vitamins to give you a speedy recovery.