Short Essay about Losing Weight Experience

One of the eternal problems of lots of generations is excess weight. It seems quite easy to gain weight and almost impossible to get rid of those ugly kilos. Accordingly, we offer you to read a helpful sample with different methods, which help to reduce excess weight and live a healthy life.

“Excess weight is a serious problem of millions of people. Regardless of your entity, race, location, gender, and age, you are threatened to gain weight that is over a healthy norm. It results in worsening of health conditions and develops various diseases. People try to fight back this problem in various ways. Which one is better? The practice shows that almost every method of burning fats is effective if you act smartly.

One of the common reasons why women gain much weight is pregnancy. The system changes a lot due to unstable production of various hormones in excess. This induces excess weight. Women gain it unnaturally fast. This results in multiple health deviations. This was the story of Ellen Zwiefel. After the birth of her second child, she put on too many pounds. She already knew that physical exercise was the possible solution. She tried really hard but the desired results didn’t seem to ever come. Ellen watched lots of videos, had consultations with professional trainers and read multiple articles and blogs about weight loss.

Ellen refused low-intensity programs. The woman switched to repetitive exercises. Her workouts became shorter and more intensive. Every next day she changed weights and steadily increased them. This brought the needed results and she started to lose lots of fats. In four months she became slender as usual. It turned out that strengthening program of exercises is a faster way to a slim body than a moderate-lifting program. The method of physical workouts is well-known and it works when other methods miserably fail.

Another popular method is preferred by Ariel Betancourt. The woman had several experiences with weight loss. The first time she did it, she put off 45 pounds. Afterward, she gained 15 and then lost 20 pounds. Ariel became a yoyo person. That is how she called herself for 10 years. Within time, she realized that toxins were her greatest enemies and they made her put on many pounds and then suffer a lot to rid them off.

Therefore, she decided to try new weight loss preparations. She didn’t wish to discover the name of the brand. However, one can get a general idea. Special pills really help people to melt fat stores quickly and without much effort. Of course, you should be cautious about what you intake. Ariel warns against fake products or even official preparations, which induce multiple severe adverse effects. This is no novelty and many people refuse this method. However, Ariel is convinced that this is totally wrong. If you find a safe pill, it’s worth trying the chance. Naturally based appetite suppressants make real miracles. They combine the 2-in-1 option. They help to burn fat stores and do not induce health-threatening reactions. If you have such a miracle pill, your problems with toxins and other triggers of weight gain will be easily eliminated. The woman also pays attention to the fact that drug taking should be combined with a healthy diet.

At times, people suffer from excess weight because of some diseases or drugs they take to treat their conditions. Petra is another heroine who put on many pounds due to drug taking. She suffers from bipolar disorder. This is a severe mental illness, which never goes away. Luckily, drug therapy can overcome the symptoms. Unfortunately, preparations taken to treat the condition are very strong and this inevitably leads to adverse effects. One of such is excess weight.

The drugs crucially alter the metabolic rate and make your brain think that you are always hungry. Petra used her own way to control her appetite. She used Nutrisystem. This is a packaged food delivery. Once you subscribe to this project, your health conditions are analyzed in the slightest details. Afterward, a smart program determines the healthiest receipts that are suitable exactly for your body and health conditions. All the meals are prepared out of healthy, fresh, and natural ingredients.

This program is very flexible and can adjust to any demands. The programing language is ready to provide you with multiple options. For example, it focuses on “good carbs”, proper sodium levels, glucose control, or protein intake. Everything is developed to meet the needs of people.

It’s not that easy to define the most effective and safest method to get rid of unneeded pounds. The approach should be always individual because different people have different reactions to weight loss methods. The best thing may be a healthy combination of several methods. Exercises are always good in a combo with diets. Weight loss pills never work without a diet. Finally, a revolutionary program such as Nutrisystem is effective too”.

As you can see, this short essay contains three viewpoints and approaches to burn fats. We have decided to add them in a single paper because they are popular for all times. Some people give more heed to a physical workout. The others undergo a diet or take weight loss burning drugs. Some have problems with weight due to taking pills and struggle after their own fashion. Craft similar papers and you’ll succeed with your essay writing. If you need high-quality writing help from professional academic writers you can contact a reliable essay writing service


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