4 Tips for Achieving the Best Profile

If you’ve ever caught a glimpse of your face from the side and didn’t like what you saw, you’re not alone.

Your profile plays an important role in your overall look and it’s not uncommon to be unhappy with some of your features. From loose neck skin to nose bumps and thin lips, plastic surgeons have really seen and heard it all.

Luckily, there are some solutions available that will help you enhance your chin, nose, lips and cheeks to give you a better profile.

4 Ways to get a better profile

Enhancing your nose

Fortunately, surgery isn’t the only way to enhance or change the shape of your nose. Fillers are a non-surgical treatment that will help you achieve a more desirable shape. Patients that are looking to create a more streamlined nose or achieve a less bulbous appearance will really benefit from fillers.

However, fillers won’t be able to solve any nasal flaws. If you’re looking to correct your nose internally, rhinoplasty is the only solution available to you.

Enhancing your chin

Since your chin is the lowest part of your profile, it can be camouflaged quite easily. Unfortunately, scarves and turtlenecks will only get you so far. In order to treat the fat in the chin area and improve your appearance, there is a treatment called Kybella that can be used.

Chin fat removal at Dr Saras & Co only lasts 10 to 15 minutes and involves several small injections that need to be administered over a period of 4 weeks. These injections will help dissolve the fat in the chin area. Some temporary swelling and tenderness are the only real side effects of this treatment.

If you would prefer to sculpt your chin at the same time, liposuction is another treatment option. A small incision will be made underneath the chin and will be used to remove any excess fat, while contouring the entire area. Once your chin has healed, the incision will be barely visible.  

If fat isn’t an issue and you’re merely looking to change the shape of your chin, fillers are a great option that allow you to build a chin that’s more flattering.

Enhancing your lips

Flat, thin lips are a very common issue, especially in older women, and can make your lips look non-existent from the side. If you want to give your lips a fuller appearance, fillers are the ideal solution. Very often cosmetic surgeons will use fillers to create more lip projection, which will shorten the distance between your chin and nose.

Enhancing your cheeks

Cheeks implants are no longer the only way to add volume to your face; in fact, very few doctors still use them. In order to create a more youthful appearance, fillers are used to contour the cheeks. Fillers will help your cheeks look more lifted from the side and the added mid-face support will also help lift sagging skin around the mouth and reduce the appearance of hollow eyes.