4 Facts About Coconut Water

  1. Coconut Water can help you maintain perfect skincare. We’ve mentioned how coconut water effects internal organs, but it is important to know that it is also good for your skin, because it is able to clear up acne and blemishes that tend to pop up at the least opportune moments.

If you apply it directly into the skin as a topical application, coconut water will have the ability to clear spots and even out your skin tone. It also helps tackle skin aging by eliminate excess oils on your skin and enhancing skin health and elasticity.

  1. Coconut water is purified by natureitself. Contrary to what you may think, coconut water travels through the coconut tree which naturally purifies the water contained inside the coconuts. That is why this is one of the few beverages in existence you can drink directly from the ground and know its safe to drink. Many who have done have testified that it is even tastier that way!

Those trees are able to produce around 200 coconuts a year, the perfect amount to drink almost a coconut a day during an entire year, provided you have two trees on hand. So there are no excuses to avoid trying this delicious beverage and enjoy its benefits.

  1. Coconut water is the perfect remedy for hangovers. We’ve all been there once: if you partied too much last night coconut water might just be the miracle cure you need if you’re tired, nauseous, and suffering from a splitting headache. It will bring back the electrolytes that you lost while you were dancing, and even those that went away if the alcohol made you urinate too much or vomit.
  1. You can only find this liquid in young coconuts. Not all coconuts contain coconut water, only the young ones do. You can identify them by their tender and green outer shell.

A good trick is to pick them up off the ground and shake them near your ear, you will hear the water inside of them! These fruits contain from 200 to 1,000 ml of water, depending on the size and type of coconut.