Zinc and its use in preventing hair damage and hair thinning

Along with minoxidil, it is found that zinc in also one of the best element used in shampoos, cleansers and other hair products. Specifically speaking, this element is actually named as pyrithione zinc. According to recent studies related to antidandruff or antifungal shampoos, zinc is suggested as one of the most benefited for effective and potential hair growth. Most of the hair products have 5% minoxidil solution with 1% pyrithione zinc solution, which is the most effective chemical composition. These zinc shampoos are basically used male as it is mostly effective for male pattern baldness. Let’s know some more facts about zinc shampoo hair loss treatments.

Why zinc shampoos are preferable than the other shampoos

Consumers being very happy with the product do recommend these zinc shampoos. The reasons for the recommendation are as follow:

  • Treat dry itchy scalp and discomfort caused by seborrhiec dermatitis
  • Washes away the impurities caused by sodium laureth sulfate found in other primary shampoos
  • Does not leave unpleasant smell after using it
  • Does not contain sodium laureth sulfate
  • Does not leave any waxy residue on the hair
  • Prevents bacteria to come back, thus keeping scalp fresh
  • Makes the texture and look of the hair shinier and softer
  • Does not lead to any harmful side effects that might be dangerous for other body parts

This particular shampoo can be used by both genders but it is mostly used by male gender. The person should be in age between 18 to 49 years for use. The results of the use are seen in 3-4 months. Most people prefer zinc in the shampoo than ketoconazole as ketoconazole is too harsh on skin and does lead to deadly side effects. Thus, this is the main advantage of using zinc shampoo hair loss treatment.