Why You Should Consider the Option of Moving into Sober Living Homes?


Sober living homes have their benefits. You can use this option to test if you are really in control of your personal life and have the skills to deal with temptations that lead to a relapse. It is worth mentioning that while sober living homes can help recovering addicts, not every addict requires it. If you have not been an addict for several years, you may be in a good position to return to your normal life soon after receiving treatment for your addiction.  However, it makes sense to take advantage of this option and use it as a means of support.  Here are some reasons why you may want to spend time in a sober living facility after receiving an inpatient treatment:


  • It helps you stay away from possible triggers. If you return to your old life and old triggers soon after receiving treatment for drug addiction, the chances are that you will end up dealing with a relapse. The best way to stay sober is to avoid testing your limits – the more you expose yourself to old triggers and temptations, the higher the chances of you losing control of yourself. By staying in sober living homes, you keep yourself from interacting with old friends who may encourage you to take drugs or take a glass of alcohol for one last time. You will be under the supervision of a trained on-site manager, so you are less likely to have a relapse.
  • It helps you learn basic life skills to live a sober life. While staying in a sober living facility, you will be responsible for managing your life. You will have to perform basic chores on your own. You will be making your own bed and taking steps to keep the living area clean and tidy. Along with learning these basic life skills, you will also receive assistance to learn skills needed to resolve interpersonal issues. Depending on the sober living home you have selected, you may learn to cook for yourself, find ways to manage your finances in a better way, and understand how to make your relationships work. In other words, you will learn to be a functional part of society after spending time in sober living homes.
  • It provides your family members with total peace of mind. Knowing that you are in good hands and are learning new life skills to be more in control, both personally and professionally will make your family members less worried about your well-being. If you also think about your parents, kids, and family members, you will feel more motivated and willing to go the extra mile to make your stay in a sober living facility more productive and useful.

It would not be wrong to suggest that you will have every reason to expose yourself to your old life situations after receiving addiction treatment, but you will be better off spending some time in sober living homes to find better ways to take control of your life.