Sleeping on an Air Bed: Pros and Cons

The air beds look similar to any other bed. It is also available in small size; weight is light, as well as it can be moved easily in the loft spaces, or can be carried up many stairs easily.

So, should you invest in an air bed? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of air bed to determine the best Air Mattress for everyday use.

The Good Things About Air Beds

There are many advantages of sleeping on an air bad that is reported by the current users:

  • Several people reported therapeutic benefits sleeping on the air bed. The most sleepers are the ones who sleep on their back compared to the ones who sleep on their stomach or sidewise.
  • The primary positive of the air bed is that two individuals can rest on the same bed and have various sleep settings.
  • Since the setups can be transformed at will, seeing guests could rest pleasantly by adjusting the bed to their sleep preferences.
  • The system is very lightweight as well as can be found in tiny, very easy to relocate items. This is a big plus for individuals who want a king-size bed on the second floor of an older, smaller sized home or in a loft area. There is no fighting of a hefty mattress or rigid box springs.

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The Bad Things About Air Beds

No bed system is ideal, and so air bed also has some disadvantages too.

  • Pairs who like to spoon or snuggle while sleeping might find this bed troublesome because it is actually two different beds. The twin air chambers are divided by a foam insert.
  • The less costly versions have very thin foam toppers. This can make firmer settings annoyingly hard, specifically for side sleepers, although it can be helpful for back sleepers.
  • Some consumers report excessive trapped warm, which may be due to a slim foam layer on top of a rubber air chamber.