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If you are missing one or all of your teeth, the dental professionals at New Teeth in One Day dental clinic in Guelph can help you.  Dental implants are an excellent way to replace tooth loss.  It does not matter how you lost your tooth (or teeth); whether it was due to an injury, accident, or a medical procedure such as chemotherapy.  The dental implant team at New Teeth in One Day Guelph is able to help.

Why would anyone want to waste their precious time and money being sent from one dentist office to another; when the New Teeth in One Day dental office in Guelph can offer the same services under one roof?  New Teeth in One Day provides customers the accessibility of a “one stop shop” for all their dental implant needs; from the initial consultation to the pre-procedural appointment, completely through until the final appointment when their permanent implants are being implanted.

In the past, when a person suffered from the loss of a tooth, they were forced to settle for uncomfortable dentures which never fit correctly and caused a lot of pain within the mouth.  Since the invention of dental implants, thankfully, there is now an alternative to this former painful treatment.

Dental implants are the alternative to dentures, they consist of fittings that are connected to the person’s jawbone and are made from medical-grade titanium.  These implants act as a way of replacing the tooth’s natural root, allowing a way for the prosthetic teeth to become attached to the jawbone.  These implants, once they have been implanted into the person’s jaw line eventually become permanent and over time they fuse themselves to the jawbone.

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From the first instant a person steps foot inside the New Teeth in One Day dental clinic they are amazed by the special treatment the staff gives them.  The entire staff of New Teeth in One Day understands and is filled with compassion for each person seeking dental implants.  The knowledgeable team at New Teeth in One Day in Guelph is able to calm a person’s anxiety and reassure them that the procedure they are seeking will be administered in a way that maintains their comfort and decreases any pain they are worried they might feel.

The actual process of getting dental implants begins with a consultation appointment.  This appointment determines if the person is a good candidate for dental implants.  Once this has been determined, an appointment is scheduled as the pre-procedural appointment.  The actual dental implant procedure is done in three steps:

  • The first step involves the doctor replacing the natural teeth roots with screws along the jawline.
  • Next, the doctor places an abutment on the implant; this is a permanent fixture, however, the doctor can remove it later if needed.
  • The final step is the placing of the permanent tooth, for the purpose of anesthetics and durability the permanent teeth are constructed from porcelain or zirconium. The first implants are temporary ones—later to be replaced with the permanent ones as your mouth goes through the healing process.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in give New Teeth in One Day in Guelph a call and schedule a no-cost, non-obligatory appointment to discuss whether you are a candidate for dental implants.